Glendale’s 5-Star Dent Repair Shop: Colorado Hail Facts

Everyone knows how the weather is in Colorado, especially in Glendale – it can get ugly. For instance, hailstorms cause major damage annually on farms, houses, properties, and businesses. Not even vehicles are safe from this freezing-cold disaster. Glendale is […]

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5 Common Myths About OEM Parts Replacement

Sometimes we have to replace parts on our cars, but often people are afraid to do it, especially with non-OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts. You can’t blame them. There are a lot of scammers and fraudsters out there – especially […]

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4 Ways to Protect Your Car from Hail and Storm Damage

Hail storms cost car owners billions of dollars in damage every year. This phenomenon occurs when air from a storm brings rain droplets into an extremely cold atmosphere. These droplets freeze and grow as more freezing droplets join them. When […]

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Ask Tip Top Auto Hail: What is Clear Bra Service?

The paint is the most exposed part of any car. While there might be many ways to maintain its quality, nothing beats the protection a clear bra gives. Clear bra service is not just some trend. It’s a preventative measure […]

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