Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless Dent Repair: A Quick and Economical Solution to Your Vehicle’s Exterior Flaws

Either your fault or not, it is inevitable that your car will have dents. No matter how careful you are, careless people and happenings can damage your car’s ultimate exterior. To some, these dents are no big deal. However, there are car owners who can’t take having dents on their vehicles, no matter how shallow it is. The sad part is, while this damage looks little, they often incur huge bills. Fortunately, as we are heading to a more innovative future, car owners can save themselves from these headaches with the new trend known as paintless dent repair.

What is Paintless Dent Repair?

More and more industries are gearing towards environmental-friendly processes and the automotive repair and maintenance sector is just one of them. Today, most repair shops offer a service called paintless dent repair. This method aims to restore the vehicle’s original aesthetic condition. This quick and cost-effective alternative repair method deals with dings and dents on cars, as well as with hail damage and body creases. PDR allows owners to enjoy their cars’ exteriors with a factory-like condition once again.

How Does Tip Top Auto Hail Perform PDR?

Every day, our well-trained technicians perform paintless dent repair to a massive base of clients in Denver, Colorado and surrounding areas. By following a comprehensive list of procedures, we are confident that we can repair and restore vehicles to their original condition. Our high-quality work comes with a guarantee that every car we work on is in safe hands.

Here are our proven and tested PDR techniques:

1. Damage Assessment

Like any other repair procedure, the first step is to assess the damage of the vehicle. A technician has to consider the location of the dent and its size. Keep in mind that not all cars with dents are ideal candidates for paintless dent repair. If you’ve been involved in an unfortunate incident and the paint was cracked, or the metal was exposed, it must be fixed first to avoid further damage. We do not recommend PDR for these cases.

2. Creating a Pathway to the Dent

Most of the time, the paintless dent removal method requires a technician to gain entry at the backside of the dent. This step means removing some parts of the vehicle such as the tail lights or the body panels. In severe cases, some interior panels are required to be removed as well. The process of accessing the dent requires expertise and precision so as not to incur additional damage to the vehicle.

3. Taking a More Precise Look at the Dent

Using advanced equipment such as a special light board, our technicians will give the dent a closer inspection. From different points of view, the best approach will be discussed. The special tool provides a shadow of the dent which allows the specialist to work on the damage in the most précised manner. The technicians will apply pressure on the exterior back using special tools until the damaged part comes back to its original position.

Why Choose Tip Top Auto Hail for PDR Services?

Tip Top Auto Hail is among the pioneers in the industry to promote paintless dent repair in Denver, Colorado. The owner and lead technician Kyle Cavanaugh boasts over 20 years of experience in auto repair. Gaining extensive experience from other dent repair companies, he started his own company, hired talented people and made it sure that every technician in the team can do the job correctly and promptly. With our dedication and commitment, we offer amazing results within the same day service most of the time.

Paintless Dent Repair Areas We Service: