Insurance Claims

Are you one of those people wondering what to do after seeing your vehicle damaged by a hailstorm? On one side, you can ignore those dents in your car. On the other hand, you should think that you have your insurance for a reason. When you experience damages in your car, it is necessary to know different options for filing claims in your coverage. Here at Tip Top Dent Repair, we know that making any decisions regarding insurance claim is a big deal, that’s why we come up to the idea of helping you with your insurance claim.

What if I am not interested in filing an insurance claim?

There are times when the damage of a car is merely cosmetic. Some people come out after a hailstorm to find dents in their car, and they sometimes notice that there is no damage at all. Instances may arise where your vehicle could suffer broken windshields, headlights and engine damage after a severe hailstorm. If that is the case, it is essential to repair it immediately to operate your car.

Can my insurance cover the hail damage of my car?

There is no doubt that if you avail the comprehensive auto insurance plan, you are entirely covered for auto hail damage. “Act of God” or “other than collision” are the other names for this type of insurance which is intended for incidents of hazards, theft, vandalism and natural disaster. Using this insurance coverage, you need to pay the full amount intended for the repairs, and the insurance company should cover the rest.

When auto hail damage happens, Contact Tip Top Auto Hail Dent Repair Shop

We never know when hail will occur. It may occur when you are on vacation and not capable of protecting your vehicle. When you are worried that these things may happen to you, then it is the best time to go for a comprehensive insurance plan. You also need to know whom you should call even before the hail damage occurs.

There are times when we choose not to bring our cars for repair due to some deductibles. Normally, our insurance company is the one who pays for our vehicle repair then we are the one who is obliged to pay for the extra charges. Here at Tip Top Dent Repair, you don’t need to worry about any deductibles. We’ve got it covered for you! We offer the “$0 out of pocket” deal which assures you that no amount of money will come out of your pocket once you hire our services.

Here are the steps and benefits working with Tip Top Auto Hail:

  1. Call into to verify Insurance coverage. Here at Tip Top dent Repair Shop, we accept all major insurance carriers.
    We are trying our best to have a good working relationship with a different insurance company to make the repairs for your vehicles. After realizing that your car has gained hail damage, you’ll need to call your insurance company and tell them that you need a claim form. The details will be provided to you over the phone.
  2. File Claim with the insurance provider
    You need to fill out the form which is intended for the claim. It needs to fill out as truthfully and accurately as possible. You can also include some photos and notes as to the degree of the damage. ou also need to indicate the name of your chosen repair shop to your insurance company.
  3. Setup an appointment with Tip Top
    It is essential to set up a appointment with Tip Top for the necessary things related to your car repair. Be prepared to provide your insurance claim information.
  4. Coordinate with Tip Top on your car rental and shuttle service needs
    Tip Top can provide you with courtesy shuttle service needs and car rental. We realize how stressful it is without any transportation to use. To add convenience, we come up to the idea of car rental and shuttle service to fulfill the client’s need at no cost to you.
  5. Receive your vehicle back in Tip Top shape and quality.
    Here at Tip Top, we can guarantee you that you can have your vehicle back into its original shape and quality. Our team members have refined skills through numbers of years in the industry, leaving happy and satisfied customers.

With many years of leading in auto hail damage repair, our experience here at Tip Top can guarantee you the best outcome intended for your car. We know how important your time is and choosing our company is one of the right decisions that you can make.