Hail Dent Removal

Hail Dent Removal: A Quick and Clever Solution to Inevitable Flaws Brought by Nature

The damage brought by hail storm is as unavoidable as the phenomena itself. Most of the time, hail damage is unnoticeable, but there are cases wherein huge-sized pellets will inevitably incur noticeable damage to a car. The naturally frozen raindrop is one of the most usual problems that vehicle owners experience in Denver. In cases of significant damage, the assistance of professional repair companies is mandatory. Fortunately, with advancement and technology, hail dent removal from auto hail repair services come at prices that won’t harm your pocket.

What is Hail Dent Removal?

Restoring the original pristine condition of your car is now quick and economical: thanks to auto hail repair service. With minimal cost, an expert auto repair company can provide you with an array of services that can repair dings and dents without sacrificing the condition and value of your vehicle. Using a breakthrough technique in the industry known as paintless dent repair, car owners do not need to worry that a minor dent can lead to further damage in the long run.

How Does Tip Top Auto Hail Perform Hail Dent Removal?

After gaining the trust of our clients with our high-class services, our expert technicians are continuously accepting dent issue repairs from numerous car owners in Denver, Colorado. The rigorous training that our servicemen have undergone ensures the quality of our company’s repair and removal assistance.

Everything Starts from Damage Evaluation

Our company encourages our clients to take photos of the hail damage that took place in their car for insurance purposes. Other than that, the images of havoc can also serve as an initial basis of our team’s assessment. Before officially beginning the repair process, our well-trained technicians will take into consideration the dent size and its location.   This method is done to come up with the best possible approach and solution to the damage.

Accessing the Body Panels

This process requires extensive expertise. The auto hail repair technicians have to find a pathway to the dent without drilling holes. The method may require separating some parts of the car such as the body panels and tail lights. In critical instances, some panels in the interior are likewise demanded to be pulled out.

Performing a Detailed Analysis of the Dent

By implementing the use of modern and advanced tools, our technicians will take a more precise look at the dent. The inspection equipment will help us target the damage in a specific manner. After pushing the back of the exterior using gradual pressure and force, the damaged part will once again return to its primary façade.

Why Arrange an Appointment with Tip Top Auto Hail for AHR Services?

Premium high-quality hail dent removal service: this has always been the objective of Tip Top Auto Hail. Our reliable company is one of the most trusted service providers in the industry of dent repair in Denver, Colorado. With 20 years of expertise in auto repair, Kyle Cavanaugh, our lead technician and along with a team of specialists, is confident that we can restore and repair your vehicle as if nothing happened. Moreover, our solutions come at affordable prices

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