Suggested Hail Dent Removal Shop in Colorado Springs, CO

According to the report, Colorado Springs has experienced 95 hail incidents within 10 miles in just 2018. The largest reported hail two months ago measures 4 inches. This case gives every resident especially car owners the stress because of the damage that was done by the hailstorm. Dents from hailstorm are stressful! Repairing dents can be a little time consuming and costly. Most of the time, the repair is done by stripping the paint, applying body filler and then repainting the panel. However, no matter how nice the repaint is, it will also fade. Good thing, Tip Top Auto Hail a suggested hail dent removal shop in Colorado Springs, Co offers Paintless Dent Repair at a reasonable price.

Make Tip Top Auto Hail Your Hail Dent Removal Shop in repairing your Vehicle’s Dent

Hail is one of the top reasons for your vehicle’s dent. People in Denver, being familiar with ice and hailstorms should not wait for the next storm to repair the damage done by the hailstorm. Now is the ideal time to get your vehicles back in its original condition. Tip Top Auto Hail is willing to make the process in the most comfortable way as possible.  We have the best staff and technique in repairing your vehicle’s dent.

Other information about Tip Top Auto Hail that you should know:

  • We use Paintless Dent Repair. We try to cope up with the modern society utilizing this repair method that has become popular over the years. This method is a way of fixing minor dents without any hassle.
  • We value your time. Nobody wants to wait for a long time repairing dents in his or her car. Since this method doesn’t require any other complicated process, Paintless Dent Repair can be done in a matter of hours (depending on the damage)
  • We offer our service at a reasonable price. Compare to the traditional dent removal, it is more affordable, since it doesn’t require priming, sanding, and painting.
  • We value your trust more than anything. For 20 years being in the industry, we make sure that we meet the standards and the specifications needed by our clients. We work hard to stand out in our customer experience and maintenance.

Find out the best hail dent repair shop by visiting our website, and you will be amazed at the services that we offer.  

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