Auto Hail Repair

Auto Hail Repair: The Newest Breakthrough to Car Repair

Vehicles are vulnerable to deterioration and damage over time. Every car owner should take care of their car if they want to intensify its performance on the road. However, no matter how careful you are, there are natural factors in the environment that can cause damage to your car, such as hail. Fortunately, the auto repair and maintenance industry had significantly evolved over the years. Today, there are lots of innovative technologies in the auto hail repair industry that deal with bumps, cracks, scratches, dings, and dents caused by minor accidents or collisions.

What is Auto Hail Repair?

For many years, the standard way to remove dents on cars was by eliminating the dent out. One would have to drill the holes into the dented area and put it back in its original shape. Then, a technician has to repaint it, which often leaves a mark that your car has undergone repair. The introduction of auto hail repair was a breakthrough. The procedure utilizes special equipment that pushes the dent out from the inside and restoring it in shape without doing any paint job. This technique is now famously known as paintless dent removal or PDR.

Trusted Auto Hail Repair Services from Tip Top Auto Hail

Tip Top Auto Hail is one of the leaders in the industry when it comes to auto hail repair services. Our family-owned business had earned its reputation over two decades. With a team of certified technicians and access to the industry’s leading technologies and advanced equipment, car owners can sit back and relax while we are doing the necessary repair and maintenance services.

Here are some of the reasons why Tip Top Auto Hail is one of the most trusted auto hail repair shops in Denver, Colorado and surrounding communities:

  • Tip Top’s auto hail repair services do not require any color matching. The technique used does not need any paint which means the results will be even and remarkable.
  • The process does not include harsh chemicals which can incur further damage to your vehicle.
  • We do not drill holes. Our technicians gain the best entry point to the dent by removing parts of the vehicles until we can reach the underside of the damaged panel. This method allows us to restore the car to a factory-like condition.

In Denver, Colorado, hail doesn’t strike too often. However, when it does, it can cause havoc to your vehicle. If you’re lucky, you might be left out with only small dings and dents. Unfortunately, these minor damages often require a considerable amount of money for repair and restoration. To save yourself from headaches as well as your pocket, make sure to call the specialists from Tip Top Auto Hail.

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