Sometimes we have to replace parts on our cars, but often people are afraid to do it, especially with non-OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts.

You can’t blame them. There are a lot of scammers and fraudsters out there – especially if you try purchasing online. Also, many people think that OEM parts are better than aftermarket parts, so they hesitate to replace components if they’re not made by the original manufacturer.

OEM vs. Aftermarket

OEM parts are specifically made for an original product. Aftermarket equipment is made by a company other than the original manufacturer of parts for a given car.  

The good thing about OEM parts is they always match what your car has. For instance, if you have a Chevrolet Silverado, original equipment manufacturers can offer the same quality as yours. Meanwhile, aftermarket providers can also provide matching parts that may vary from the original in some ways. 

What Do The Tip Top Auto Hail Experts Say About OEM?

Let us go ahead and dive deeper into the five most common misconceptions about OEM parts replacement.

Quality – Aftermarket Parts Are Better

Aftermarket parts may or may not be equal to or better than OEM ones. But, you may not want to settle for something uncertain. If you want to be 100 sure of a match, OEM parts give you that.

Besides, OEM parts are design to function exactly like the original ones. The quality is guarantee with OEM parts. The aftermarket may offer plenty of choices, but they are not all created equally.

Variety – Aftermarket Parts Are More Flexible

It’s true that aftermarket manufacturers offer a larger variety of products and a wider range of price points. Of course, this increased selection exposes your car to potential risks.

And, that variety can be overwhelming. For example, if you buy an aftermarket part with additional functionality, you have no assurance that the different mechanisms will work with your car.  

So, using OEM parts can feel like a less stressful investment.

Price – Aftermarket Parts Are Cheaper

There is no denying that aftermarket parts can be cheaper than others – but this can be for upsetting reasons.

Aftermarket parts sometimes cost less because they are made up of cheap materials. It makes sense because pricing depends on how a product is made and the materials used when manufactured. Also, they are sometimes less expensive because they do not have a warranty included.

Most, if not all OEM parts come with a warranty to protect you from any unprecedented event In the future. Every consumer wants to have the ability to replace the equipment they purchased if something goes wrong.

Availability – Aftermarket Parts Can Be Purchased Anywhere

Yet another fact is that OEM parts can sometimes be tough to get ahold of. But, there is a good reason behind this. Think about it – OEM parts are hard to find because they are genuine equipment. They are crafted to how the original pieces should operate, and they may be in high demand. 

Validity – Aftermarket Parts Are All Legit

While there are good aftermarket parts out there, there are many fake or low quality aftermarket parts, especially on the internet. This is one of the many reasons why people are afraid to purchase them in the first place. Yes, OEM parts can be more expensive than aftermarket – but what’s your sense of security worth?

Bottom Line

Nowadays, everyone is keeping a keen guard towards everything. As car enthusiasts, it is imperative to ensure that you get what you deserve and get the most out of your money. It is always on you to what’s best for your car.

It would be best to always go for a company that prioritizes your demands as a customer and provides top-notch auto care service that no other provider can. Who should you trust then?

The Professionals Have You Covered

OEM parts replacement has never been this easy! Tip Top Auto Hail has been in service for 20 years, offering expert auto maintenance and repair services in Denver, Cherry Creek, and the surrounding areas. We offer Paintless Dent Repair, OEM Parts Replacement, Clear Bra, Window Tint Replacement, and Buffing. 

Let Tip Top Auto Hail take your car to the next level! Call (303) 868-1270 for more details.

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