The paint is the most exposed part of any car. While there might be many ways to maintain its quality, nothing beats the protection a clear bra gives. Clear bra service is not just some trend. It’s a preventative measure that is necessary for those who want to protect their car’s exteriors.  

Know the Basics

A clear bra is a paint protection film. It is an invisible shield that protects your car from elements that can damage your car’s paint. It’s made with thermoplastic urethane film that can be easily applied to the frontmost parts of your car to protect it against damage from rocks, road salt, and other debris. And, with today’s advancements, it has become nearly undetectable. 

Clear Bra Benefits

Car fanatics love to maintain a good-looking car. And if you’re a simple car owner who only wants some additional protection, then clear bra service is still a good option. 

Here are a few of its protective advantages:

Debris protection

The most common reason people get a clear bra is for their paint’s protection. This is particularly important if you drive often. In many cases, it absorbs the impact without affecting your car’s paint. Another protection it provides is the damage frequent bird droppings can cause. Finally, it provides protection against road salt poured during winter, which can have adverse chemical effects on your paint. 

Invisible protection

It was stylish not long ago to have colored bras on cars. That’s not for everybody! It is almost invisible, so your car will look like it did in the showroom. That invisibility is at its best when it is installed by professionals like those at Tip Top Auto Hail.

Parking protection

Most car damage happens in public parking lots. It’s common to get door dings from cars that are parked too close to each other. This is a common occurrence, but a clear bra can prevent paint damage that comes with dings (but won’t prevent the dings themselves).  

Value protection 

With a clear bra, you protect your car’s value. If and when you decide to trade your car for a new one, you’ll know that your front-end looks great because of the added protection. And, if the buyer doesn’t want it, they can have it removed at most detailing shops. Resale value is also higher with this protection.  

Easy removal protection

It is easily removable if it should become damaged. If your car’s clear bra wears out, it won’t leave any adhesive traces. Have it professionally removed, and nobody will notice that it was ever there!

Get Your Car Protected with Tip Top Auto Hail

Upgrade your car’s exterior protection with the right clear bra service. Nothing beats this service offered by Tip Top Auto Hail  here in Denver! Request a quote today at or call (303) 868-1270. 

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