Dings, dents, scratches, and untinted windows are all client concerns we face almost every day which we gave services at Tip Top Auto Hail in and around Denver.

Our Expertise

Tip Top Auto hail has been serving Denver, Cherry Creek, and the surrounding areas for 20 years, specializing in auto maintenance and repair. Over time, we have proven to be a leader in auto hail repair.  From Paintless Dent Repair to minor panel replacements, our professionals provide efficient, cost-effective service. This is why Tip Top Auto Hail remains the number one go-to auto hail service in the Metro area.

What Services We Offer

Here are some of the quality services we offer our clients. 

Paintless Dent Repair

PDR is the preferred method Tip Top Auto Hail uses to restore its natural finish. When PDR is a viable option, it spares you from a costly paint job.  

OEM Parts Replacement

Here, when available, we always opt for OEM parts for any vehicle repair. We do this to ensure a solid fit and to ensure the safety of the repair.  Aftermarket parts may not always have the same durability, and they are more likely to be created from cheaper materials. Lastly, with OEM parts, you can guarantee to have the quality of factory performance that an aftermarket part may not guarantee you. 

Clear Bra Services

Tip Top Auto Hail’s clear bra service is outstanding. The clear bra just makes your car look good longer, defending your car from scratches caused by road debris. The urethane film also resists corrosion and defends against stains, etching, acid rain, and mineral deposits. It also guards your car’s paint against fading due to UV rays. 

Window Tint and Replacement Services

Tinted windows provide benefits beyond style. Its number one advantage is the protection it gives to your car’s interior since sunlight coming from your windows can cause massive interior damage over time. The constant heat and light of the sun can crack your dashboard and even cause airbags malfunctions in excess heat. Leather, cloth, and vinyl seats can lose their color, and all of your interior is more susceptible to fading over time without a barrier between them and the sun’s rays. A properly installed reduces the quantity of sunlight that enters into your vehicle, helping you maintain a good-looking interior.


Buffing utilizes polishing solutions, but it also gets rid of thin layers of paint on the surface while taking off scratches and paint damages along with it. This results in a smoother and fresher paint surface, bringing back your car’s gleaming shine. Buffing comes into three different types: high-speed, orbital, and hand buffing. Try our buffing service if normal polishing and cleaning don’t bring back the shine of your car. Keep in mind that this is not a one-step process. After flattening the paint, there’ll still be scratches that need to be polished, and then you will want to have your paint job glazed. 

Tip Top Auto Hail Will Take Care of Your Vehicle

Let Tip Top Auto Hail handle your car body repairs. We specialize in PDR and other top-notch services to bring back the best features of your car’s exterior. Request a quote from us at https://www.tiptopautohail.com/appointment/ or call (303) 868-1270 for PDR in Cherry Creek.

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