It’s aggravating when your car gets a dents. Like, what happened? You went to a supermarket, parked your car nearby, and when you came back you noticed a ding. 

Dents appear on our car every now and then. And they also occur in a variety of sizes and forms. It is your utmost priority to determine the type of dent that your car has because this will play a big role in rectifying it.

Read on and learn more about the common causes of dents, different types of dents, and PDR. All this from the leading paintless dent repair shop in Denver, Tip Top Auto Hail.

An Overview: What is Paintless Dent Repair?

The method employed to repair dent-related damage to your car is called paintless dent repair (PDR). Highly-experienced experts will utilize a specialized set of tools to reach the dent, or dents, from the rear of the meal panel in order to do paintless dent repair. The technician will next gently massage and press the dented panel back into form, restoring the region to its pre-damaged state.

Traditional dent restoration procedures include a range of materials, including paint thinner, paint, body filler, and so on. None of this is required with paintless dent repair. The quantity of toxins discharged into the environment and the amount of toxins employees are exposed to is both decreased when PDR is used.

Paintless dent repair is capable of repairing any dents and dings due to its nature. It makes no difference how the dent developed. The dents we fix will not reappear over time, saving you time, money, and effort.

Common Causes of Dents

Your vehicle will inevitably have damage but do you know where the dent originated from? You might be able to prevent a few undesirable crashes if you know what to look out for. The following things are most likely to damage your car:

Human Error

You may have not noticed that your car slightly hit another vehicle on the side when you parked across the mall. Human errors are very common so you have to look out for these kinds of situations.

Shopping Carts

Shopping carts, what can we say about them? There have been too many hasty shoppers who leave them in a spot where cars collide with it. The aftermath? Dents!

Examining the Different Dent Types

Sharp Dents

Huge and hard blows cause sharp dents. For instance, if a door from another car hits the side of your vehicle, that can cause a sharp dent, especially if the person opened it with reckless abandon. A sharp dent leaves an edged point as the metal is pushed outwards.

Creased Dents

If you see a straight line at the bottom of the dent, or if something brushes or rubs against your vehicle, it produces a creased dent.

Round Dents

Round items cause round dents. It’s that simple. Well, sometimes when colliding with another object (not round) also causes round dents – only if the impact wasn’t strong enough.

Extreme Dents

These types of dents are generally seen when a forceful accident happens. For instance, if you run into a post, or a parked car while driving 100 miles per hour (that’s some careless driving).


Dents might be caused just by a person leaning up against the vehicle. Moreover, no matter how they appear, they may be repaired with the right equipment and skill – and with the right paintless dent repair shop.

The Best Paintless Dents Repair Shop in Denver

The PDR technique can be used to aid in the repair of a car’s body. Some more complex repairs will necessitate the use of bodywork. Don’t worry! Your car may be restored to its former splendor with our help. Tip Top Auto Hail will go above and above to repair your car dent utilizing Denver’s best paintless dent repair. We are your go-to repair shop for any body work on your prized car. Visit Tip Top Auto Hail today for more information!

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