It’s the pits getting a dent in your car, but it happens. Paintless dent repair is usually a great fix for more minor damage. Fortunately, many Denver area shops can remediate minor scratches and dents as long as the paint is still intact.

Tell Me Something About Paintless Dent Repair

Since paintless dent repair can fix 80 to 90 percent of small dents, it is the most reliable way to get a mark out of your beloved car’s body. The great thing about paintless dent repair is that it is the fastest and most cost-friendly method of small dent repair. There are a handful of reasons dents of this kind turn up.

Where do Those Little Dents Come From?

Dents don’t announce themselves before they show up, and they’re not all preventable.  Choosing PDR over another service isn’t like picking an option from a product shelf. It helps to know a little bit about how it works. 

Hail damage

Hail can hit without warning, usually affecting the horizontal panels of a vehicle (the roof, hood, trunk, tops of the fenders and the quarter panels). Bigger hailstones obviously mean larger dents. The primary consideration with hail damage repair is the size and number of the dents. If the hailstones are big enough, they may create dents too big or complex for paintless dent repair.


Often enough, an errant baseball, golf ball, basketball, etc… is the culprit. If your vehicle’s factory paint does not show any signs of cracking, these dents can be removed with PDR, and your car will look good as new!

Door ding

A Door ding is a dent that happens when a door strikes another vehicle’s side panel when both are parked too close to each other or side by side. Sometimes scratches accompany these. Often these are PDR candidates too. 

Car collision

They happen all the time. Slow moving parking lot accidents might produce damage the PDR can fix. Bigger ones, not so much.

Shopping carts

Speaking of parking lots: Carts get away from people, sure, but more often they just roll off after someone leaves them outside the cart corral. Usually PDR is a winner for fixing these. 

Reliable Dent Repair Service in Denver

Dents come in as many shapes and sizes as there are dent sources. Determining the cause of such damage can help you determine the solution for removing it. Luckily, Tip Top Auto Hail has years and years of expertise in Reliable Dent Repair Service in Denver. Call us now at (303) 868-1270 for an appointment or visit our site!

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