Escaping from dents is nearly impossible. There are external factors that will always cause dents on your car. You can even get them at parking lots and occasional strong winds during a long drive. From the smallest ding to the largest dents, send it right away to your local repair shop. Leaving these dents lower your car’s resale value, and you don’t want that to happen. If you live in Colorado, we suggest looking for the best auto shops that offer paintless dent repair in Denver.

Check For Dent Damage On Your Vehicle

Look for dents and decide if you need a minor or significant repair. Some damage is quite apparent, like damage caused by hail. But not all cuts are easily identified. You might have to send your car to a technician and let them provide the required services.

Types Of Dents You Need To Know

Dents come in different forms and sizes. Although they vary in shapes, they also give several sets of challenges for the technicians. When you notice the dents, you will start wondering where you got all those dents unless you are involved in a particular accident, causing significant damage to your vehicle. If you check the dents on your car, you might see the following types that might be able to be fixed by paintless dent repair in Denver: 

Round Dents 

These dents are usually caused by occasional hailstorms and other round objects such as basketballs, footballs, baseballs, and rocks. These round objects usually leave dents on the car doors, bumpers, roof, and hood. 


Creases are typically time-consuming for technicians using paintless dent repair. These are fixed by stretching your vehicle’s metal. Technicians utilize advanced tools, so creases will not threaten the effectiveness of PDR on the repair. These dents occur when external objects like another vehicle, tree branch, or bicycle, brush and drag against your car’s surface. These dents appear by forming a straight line at the bottom part of the dent. 

Car Dings and Hail Dents

You will most likely encounter this type of ding from small objects hitting your vehicle due to bad weather like little hailstones. Car dings can also occur from parking lot incidents. This is the cheapest dent to repair because they can come from a small scratch. It is advantageous to use PDR to repair car dings to maintain the value of your car. 

Corner Dents

Sharp dents are one of the few dents that mostly cannot be repaired by PDR. Harsh impacts from a small object can cause these dents. This leaves a high spot with a deep scratch. Corner dents are hard to fix under PDR due to a lack of clear access points. There is no easy way to massage a corner dent back to its previous form.Corner dents also appear on the angled surface, making the repair more difficult for technicians. 

Severe Dents

Extreme dents are usually caused by a great external hit like collisions or sometimes a person merely leaning on the vehicle. These dents look unrepairable, but with the advancement of technology today these can be fixed to the vehicle’s original form. In some cases, this can’t be fixed by PDR alone. This repair could require bodywork, especially if the car was involved in side collisions or t-bone collisions. 

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PDR technique can be utilized to assist the regular car body repair. Some complicated repairs will use a bit of bodywork. Don’t fret! We can restore your car to its former glory. Tip Top Auto Hail will go to extra measures to fix your car dent using the best paintless dent repair in Denver. We are your go-to repair shop for any body repairs concerning your precious vehicle. For more information, visit Tip Top Auto Hail’s website today!  

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