Monsoons have officially started in Glendale, which means daily potential for high wind, lighting, rain, and our car’s common enemy: hail.

You cannot stop the formation of hail so you have to take countermeasures to protect your car from it. When you can’t, you can always find dent repair services in Glendale to get your car back in shape.

Range of Dent Repair Costs

Dent Repair costs vary quite a bit depending on how serious the dents are. For minor damage, it usually ranges from $50-$200. Dents caused by hails are typically smaller in size and only require a short period of time to fix.

Moderate to Severe dent damages can get pricey. These can cost as much as $5,000 or more, depending on the case. Severe damage can cost you up to $10,000. It’s a good idea to contact your insurance provider so you can predict and prepare for the estimated costs of your dent repair.

Cost-Efficient DIY For Hail Protection

Here are some cost-effective DIY hacks that you can keep in mind if you find yourself in a pinch for the next hailstorm:

  • Comforter

If you live in Glendale and you have a car, bring out your old comforter and make it a cover for your car if you see hail is in the forecast. The soft coverings of the comforter will give hails less impact on the surface of your car. Better get your old comforters into good use.

  • Car Mats

Protect your glass using car mats. You can place them over the comforter or put them directly over the windows.

  • Foam Mattress Pad

Another household covering that will do the trick is a good foam pad. Mattress foam covers and toppers can deflect hailstorms on impact making them perfect covers for your car. They are lightweight and offer a lot of protection for their size. Be careful that they don’t blow away, though– you may need to fasten them down.

  • Rugs

You can get a cheap rug with rubber underlining for protection, too. Having a rubber underlining will have less risk of slipping off because of its friction on the surface.  And, they don’t take up much trunk space.

  • Tie Down Straps

These come in handy in all kinds of emergencies. You might need something to tie down your mattress pads, car mats, comforters, and/or any other last-minute protection against the annoying hailstones. Other potential tie-down items in your home might include rope, bungees, or duct tape.

If you don’t have any of the coverings above, you might also look for your blow-up rafts and floats, industrial bubble wraps, and tarps. Remember to protect all sides of your car as best you can.

Look For The Best Dent Repair Shop In Glendale

You can hardly avoid car dents. Better to prepare for the unexpected. Being creative will help you save on the cost of future dent repairs. Whenever you are caught in a hailstorm, remember to be prepared: Pull over, cover-up, and stay inside the car. Your car’s safety is important– but not as important as yours.

When dents find their way to your car, treat it to Tip Top Auto Hail services to get your car’s smooth surface back. They offer quality dent repair in Glendale. Look for their website today at, or call them at 303-868-1270 for more info.

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