Denver, Colorado, gets a lot of hail during certain parts of the year. Since hail can cause a lot of damage to your car, it’s a good idea to have a few strategies for protecting your car if hail seems eminent. 

Avoiding Hail Damage to Your Car

There are plenty of ways to prevent hail damage. You can use your location, different items, and other handy strategies to avoid this nuisance. Here are a few tips to consider when you are trying to prevent hail damage:

Buy or Build Your Car’s Protection

Many houses are built with a garage to protect cars from external dangers. But what if you are living in an open area? You can avoid hailstorms, but when it hits, it hits hard. The ideal solution for this is to build a garage. This way, you can have more permanent protection for your vehicle.

If building a garage is too expensive, you can buy a simple carport to combat the hail. There are carports specially designed to have covers on each side and zippers or snap locks for ensured protection.

Another strategy is to use a cover your car’s manufacturer recommends for your specific car model. If they do not have this item, you can buy custom-made ones designed to protect your car from hailstorms.

Find A Nearby Covered Parking Spot

Hailstorms sometimes occur when we least expect it. If you are driving and one suddenly hits, the best thing you can do is to find a nearby parking place. Before leaving your car, make sure that it is covered and safe. Examples of these locations are malls, hospitals, and hotels. Stay away from open walls when you are parking since the hail wind might blow in your direction and compromise your safe space.

Cover Your Car with On-Hand Items

When a hailstorm hits and you do not have sufficient car protection, you can cover your car with other items. You can use blankets, comforters, car seat covers, or floor mats. Although these are not ideal solutions, they can be useful in protecting your vehicle from hail damage.

Use Buildings to Block the Hail

Strong winds often accompany hailstorms. When you see the direction the wind is blowing, you can find the nearest building and park beside it for a while. Using the structure as a cover sometimes reduces the chance of hail damaging your car.

Stay Updated

Following the most recent weather forecasts can help you avoid the chances of getting stuck in the middle of a hailstorm. Make sure that you are updated, and thoroughly prepare your emergency necessities in case this ever happens. If possible, set a time limit for yourself as to when you should arrive at your target destination.

Invest in Car Insurance

Apart from preparing yourself and your car physically, make sure you also prepare financially. Investing in a car insurance policy that covers you in case of hail is a good idea if you live in the Denver area.  

Getting Your Car Treated by Tip Top

Tip Top Auto Hail Repair Service is one of the leading auto hail repair services located in Denver, CO. This service provides high-quality work with excellent services focusing on renewing your car’s look and value. With Tip Top, you can leave your vehicle anytime and rest easy knowing that they will take care of it all. If your vehicle suffers from a hail storm, Consider contacting Tip Top Auto Hail Repair for thorough car care. Visit their website today at, or call them at 303-868-1270.

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