If you found a dent in your car after parking your car in a garage or after grocery shopping, you are not alone. In a hail-prone environment like Denver, car dents are a fact of every car owner’s life. Even the most careful driver cannot avoid every wrongly parked car, falling pine cone, or errant shopping cart. 

Nobody likes driving around downtown in a dented car. However, some car owners tend to set aside the aesthetics of their vehicles and put off repairs due to budget issues. Little do they know, holding off the car dent repair can lead to more severe damage in the long run. A small pesky ding can lead to more significant problems and sometimes even damage your car’s structural integrity. Fortunately, you can often get your vehicle fixed in an affordable and fast way with a reliable auto repair specialist in Denver.  

What You Can Do to Address an Auto Body Damage 

Car manufacturers build models that can withstand speed, wind, and other factors. Projectiles can be a different story. It is sometimes the worst kind of surprising to discover how vulnerable your vehicle can be. 

How annoying is it to walk outside and find a superficial scratch on your vehicle? But hey! Don’t let scratches and dents ruin your day. If you know a good auto body technician, you can trust them to pop out dents so your vehicle looks good as new.  

Where Do These Pesky Dents Come From? 

Sometimes dents are unavoidable, no matter how careful you are.  Knowing the common causes of vehicle dents can help you avoid many of them, though. Here are some ways these things happen (and advice for how to prevent them from happening to you):

Playing recreational sports 

Your neighborhood kids who play ball games like baseball, football, or basketball can put your beloved car at risk of getting dents. These games often result in a stray ball that bounces off of your car’s hood. If you have little basketballers or soccer players living close by, park your car inside your garage or find a nearby street where there aren’t many kids. 

Misplaced shopping carts

When you are pulling into a particular parking lot, you might miss the shopping carts that some careless shoppers leave around. Or, while you are busy shopping inside the grocery store, a distracted customer may accidentally bump into the side of your vehicle. You can avoid unwanted dents from shopping carts by checking the parking space before parking or retrieving stray shopping cars along the way.

Bumping into car doors

Most commercial buildings have crowded parking lots and garages, which often leaves you with no choice but to squeeze into a tightly-packed row of cars. If possible, park away from other automobiles or find an end parking spot so you would only have to deal with one vehicle on one side. 

Unpredictable weather and natural phenomena

Regardless of where you live, a natural event like a hailstorm can wreak havoc on your car. These balls of ice can damage your car’s windshields and windows and dent its body. If you can park your vehicle under cover, do it! 

Automatic car washes

Many drivers turn to automated car washes for their price and convenience. While these may deliver a thorough cleaning, accidental bumps may occur while your cars are on the conveyor. Avoiding automatic car wash services may well save you from dents, dings, and scratches.

No matter how your car got that minor ding, it is essential to have it repaired sooner rather than later. Traditional dent repair techniques use body fillers, new paints, and primers which can be both expensive and toxic to the environment. You can curse Mother Nature all you want for the misfortune, or you can call Tip Top Auto Hail for paintless dent repair to fix small dents and dings without the use of these harmful agents. If you notice a dent in your car, and you want to get it fixed right away, Tip Top Auto Hail in Denver is one call away! Dial (303) 868-1270 today and count on our experts to provide you with the service that you deserve.

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