The recent catastrophic hail storm that passed through Denver damaged a lot of local property. Hail can be a menace, turning a sleek-looking car into a dented mess in no time. Every hail season, car dealerships in places as hail prone as Denver have to figure out how to unload dozens of dented vehicles in the aftermath of a bad storm. That presents an opportunity for consumers to buy less expensive hail-damaged cars. 

Before you drop your hard-earned money for a car with hail damage, it pays to ask yourself, “Am I getting the most out of this deal?”

What’s the deal with hail-damaged cars?

For people on a tight budget, hail car sales offer a chance to purchase an otherwise solid vehicle at a deep discount. Hail damage on a car ranges from paint chips to smashed windshields. If you’re looking for your first car or necessary, immediate transportation, a few dents won’t matter, right? 

Unfortunately, the deep discount you get does not usually cover the value depreciation, nor cover the damage. While that may not be an issue for years to come, it is important to consider before investing. Discounts on dented cars don’t necessarily make up for the costs of repairs or the value lost due to the damage. 

5 Things to Remember before Buying a Hail-damaged Car

Buying a car is a game of knowledge. You can save big with a hail-damaged vehicle, but not every opportunity is a good deal. While many car dealers offer great deals, shop carefully.  

Here are a few things to consider if you decide to buy a hail-damaged vehicle:

  • Determine the real value of the car

Before committing on a deal for a hail-damaged car, determine the original price of the vehicle prior to the damage. Subtract an estimate for repairs, even if you don’t plan to fix it, so you know if you’re getting a deal. 

  • Know the extent of the damage

Did the storm break glass? If so, there is probably water damage. Subtract those repairs from the original price too. (Negotiate!)

  • Speak to your insurance agent

Check with your insurance company before you buy a hail damage car. What coverage is available to you may be impacted. Moreover, if you plan to finance the purchase, make sure that your lender will fund a hail-damaged car.

  • Potential for rust

While buying a hail-damaged car can save you money, know that there is a potential for rust. Rust doesn’t just make a car ugly– it can also eat at the car body and lead to further damage. To prevent any future rust damage, inspect the car carefully and look for cracked paint on its surface. 

  • Meet with a mechanic

If you plan to repair some of the hail damage down the line, let a trusted body repair shop inspect the car before you buy it. Take note of their repair estimate to make sure that you are getting a fair price. 

Over the years, Denver has seen its share of hailstorms, impacting brand new and used cars across the city. Some minor hail damage on vehicles might lead to a fair discount on an otherwise functioning car. Once you get a great deal on a car with hail damage, you need to make sure that it won’t suffer any further abuse from the weather. Before you buy the hail-damaged vehicle, be cautious as you inspect it, and don’t forget to talk to your insurance agent, lender, and trusted automotive technician. 

If you need a hail damage repair shop in Denver to give new life to your car, try Tip Top Auto Hail today. Call (303) 868-1270 and let our car specialists assess the damage to your vehicle right away!

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