If you have visited Denver, you probably know that it is one of the most hail-prone spots in the United States. This year, there have been 23 incident reports of hail occurrences in the city, including damaged roofs, vegetation, and vehicles. The pea-sized – sometimes golf-sized – hail even covered entire neighborhoods. 

Generally, the only thing you can do during a hailstorm is hope for the best. The more extensive the hail storm is, and the longer it lasts, the more severe the damage will be. Even the lightest hail can wreak havoc. Having a dented car can ruin your day, but you can rest a little easier when you have professionals who can perform auto hail repair nearby. 

Does Insurance Cover Auto Hail Damage Repair? 

Residents living in the Denver area are no stranger to Hailstorms. You may ask yourself: “Does car insurance cover hail damage?” The answer depends on the type of coverage you have on your vehicle. A basic liability policy won’t provide a financial safeguard in the event of natural phenomena, vandalism, or theft. Comprehensive coverage, on the other hand, may. 

Generally, adding comprehensive coverage will cost you an additional $100-$300 per year. But if you consider how much a hailstorm may end up costing you without full insurance, that’s a small price. This is especially true if you are in an area that experiences hailstorms as often as Denver.    

5 Factors to Determine the Cost of Auto Hail Repair

Without comprehensive car insurance, your insurance company won’t pay for hail damage to your car. If you’re a car owner without that comprehensive coverage, you might wonder each hail season, “How much does hail repair cost?” While figuring the cost of dent repair is not an exact science, here are some factors that can help you estimate the cost of your hail damage repairs: 

  • The type and material of car body 

Today, car manufacturers use different materials for car bodies. For instance, body repair shops can’t work on ultra-lightweight, super durable Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) car bodies the way the can on vehicles with traditional iron bodies. Some cars need specialized tools and added care to restore them to a “like-new” condition.  

  • The location of the dents

Even if your car has two identically sized dents, the cost may vary due to their location. Dents and creases that are difficult to reach will be more expensive than damage located on an open or flat area. If there is a need to remove exterior parts to fix the dent, expect that final estimate to go up.

  • The number of dents per panel

It’s no surprise that the number of dings has a significant impact on the final estimate of the repair. A car panel with too many dings – big or small – might be more difficult to restore to pre-storm condition. So, the areas that are prone to hail damage like the roof and the hoods might cost you more than repairs to side panels, doors, and other areas of the vehicle. 

  • Additional paintwork

Many hail damage professionals can fix and repair a dent without worrying about the paintwork. However, there are cases when the hail damage requires new paint. Additional paintwork means extra costs in labor and paint.

  • The depth of the dents

Another crucial factor in determining the cost of a hail damage repair is the depth of the damage. Shallow dents – even if they’re wide — are easy to remove compared to small, deep dings. This has to do with the risk of cracking the paint. More profound damage is riskier to fix, requires more patience to repair, and demands better tools and techniques.

Even if the damage to your vehicle is minimal, it’s still there. Fortunately, you can get a professional hail damage inspection right away. If a recent hailstorm left dings and dents on your vehicle, your best option is to call a reputable auto body repair shop. After all, your car is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make, so bring it to Tip Top Auto Hail today! Call our experts at (303) 868-1270 or shoot us a message to get the auto hail repair your car deserves.

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