What to Consider before Buying a Car with Hail Damage in Denver

The recent catastrophic hail storm that passed through Denver damaged a lot of local property. Hail can be a menace, turning a sleek-looking car into a dented mess in no time. Every hail season, car dealerships in places as hail […]

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How to Protect your Car from Hail Damage in Denver

Anyone who has lived in Denver knows that the weather can be volatile. During hail season you can be in the sunshine and a hail storm inside the same hour. That hail damage in Denver can be a real problem […]

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Where to Get the Best Hail Damage Repair in Denver?

Hailstorms are a common phenomenon around the Denver area, and hail has caused millions of dollars in insurance claims for vehicle owners over the years. Unexpected hail can damage vehicles and leave unpleasant surface dents. While there is a little […]

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