As hailstorm season rolls in across several parts of the country, paying for repairs on a hail damaged car is no doubt troubling the minds of many car owners. Driving around the city with a golf ball-sized dent on your vehicle is not only awkward. It also devalues your car. The dents and scratches caused by hail are often unavoidable, and the cost of repairs isn’t cheap. But do you fix it? Do you go through the insurance claims process, let the dent be, or do it yourself without an insurance claim using paintless dent removal technique? Fortunately, many car insurers cover hail, storms, and floods for people as part of a comprehensive car insurance policy. If your vehicle has incurred minor dents, you may want to consider an insurance claim to have the damage repaired. But how would you know if you’re eligible in filing a claim? 

Is Your Vehicle Covered for Hailstorm Damage?

Comprehensive car insurance typically covers storm-related damage like a hailstorm. You need to review your insurance policy or call your insurance company if you aren’t sure what’s covered for you to receive a payout for hail damage. If you have a comprehensive auto insurance plan, then your car insurance provider should cover the hail damage to your car. Comprehensive car insurance pays for the damage caused by non-collision accidents. Some people refer to this type of coverage as “other than collision” or “act of God” for incidents or natural phenomena, vandalism, hazards, explosions, or theft. You’ll still have to pay your deductible amount for the repairs, while your insurance company should cover the rest. Meanwhile, if you don’t have this type of coverage, you’ll probably have to pay the repair costs from your pocket. 

Things to Do When Filing an Insurance Claim 

If a hailstorm hit your vehicle, you need to contact your insurance company to file a hail damage claim. To do this, you want to follow some specific instructions so you don’t make the same mistakes that other car owners do. After you determine whether your policy covers the damage, it is time to file a claim. 

Filing a hail claim after the storm depends on the extent of the damage. Here are the steps you should take after hailstorm damage your car:

Call your insurance provider

Before you go to a repair professional and get caught on the estimated amount of damage, call your car insurance provider to inform them about the accident. They may or may not allow you to file for a claim online. It is important to provide them with as much detail about the damage as you can, including the day it happened and the location of the damaged area.

Document and take pictures of the damaged area

Before you file for a claim, it is a smart move to take pictures of your hail-damaged vehicle. Some insurance companies have an adjuster to evaluate the damage, but having a backup is wise. The image need not be extra-detailed, but it should be clear enough to show every new scratch or dent on your car.

Make a claim for a compensation

Be extra careful in filling the insurance claim form. You can initiate your claim on your phone or on the Internet. Also, do not forget to give all the necessary details, including the photos of the damaged area to make a strong case.

Choose a car repair shop and get a free quote

Don’t let your insurance company force you to get repairs at their preferred body shops. You can check out the services of different repair specialists and compare their rates.

Inspection from the Adjuster

The final step in filing a hail claim to your insurance company is the inspection of an adjuster. The insurance adjuster will assess the extent of the damage to your vehicle and decide how much you will get in the claim. Chances are, they will try to give you the lowest amount as possible, so make sure to compare their images to your copies and point out immediately if you see any difference.

Although filing claims online is convenient, you may want to have some handy pieces of information so you can answer all your questions. After following each step, leave it to Tip Top Auto Hail to make your car spotless, flawless, and dent-free! We have years of experience repairing hail-damaged vehicles. If you have questions about filing a hail damage insurance claim, we can help you with the initial quotes and hail claim process. Get in touch with us today by calling (303) 868-1270!

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