It’s the time of the year when destructive hailstorms can wreak havoc on roofs and cars. If a golf-sized hailstone nailed your car, you’re probably miffed. It can devalue your investment. And, taking your car to a body repair shop for a small to medium-sized repairs is both expensive and inconvenient. But if the damage to your vehicle qualifies for paintless dent repair, you are likely going to save some money.

So what is PDR? Why is it so often the best option for auto hail damage repair? 

How does Paintless Dent Repair work?

Today, car repair specialists can restore the original factory condition of your vehicle inexpensively with paintless dent repair. It is a technique used for removing minor dents and dings from body panels. If your car has encountered conventional hail damage or an even a large dent, paintless dent repair may work as long as the paint hasn’t cracked. But how does it work? 

PDR specialists assess the damage first and determine if PDR can effectively remove the creases. After gauging the damage, they prepare the area around the dent for the repair. PDR needs access to the backside of the dent. This means that the car repair specialist may need to remove the body panels, interior panels, and tail lights. Once they can access the dent, they “push” the indented area of the vehicle back into its pre-storm condition and massage the exterior back into its factory-like shape using specialized tools like body picks, shims, and metal rods. 

It may sound like a simple procedure, but it requires the skilled hands of a professional to perform PDR correctly. Massaging too hard on the damaged area can cause it to bulge out further than intended. So, it’s best if you work with a highly trained car repair specialists to make sure that they have fixed the dent, and the body matches the original look of your vehicle. 

Why is PDR ideal for auto hail damage?

PDR allows you to maintain the original factory condition of your vehicle.  Here are some reasons why PDR is an ideal procedure for auto hail damage: 

  • Cost-effective Hail Repair

Dent repairs can get expensive. However, PDR is less expensive and laborious compared to the traditional auto body repair because it doesn’t require repainting. Also, keeping the original factory paint of your vehicle retains its value. 

  • Keep the Original Paint

Repainting your vehicle can devalue it and leave the damaged area prone to rust, fading, peeling, and chipping. An aftermarket paint job is not as strong or aesthetically appealing compared to the original factory finish. So rather than going for a new paint job for minor damages, opt for PDR which will shrink or stretch the damaged area to restore its pristine condition.

  • Quicker Choice than Traditional Dent Repair 

In today’s fast-paced environment, being without your vehicle for an extended period is a major inconvenience. But you don’t have to worry if you choose to get your car fixed with paintless dent repair. Depending on the hail damage, it might only take a few hours or days to repair the dents on your vehicle with PDR. 

  • Recommended by Insurance Companies 

Most insurance companies and dealers have adopted PDR as the standard and best practice for repairing vehicles with dents due to hailstorms. It restores the vehicle’s manufacturer warranty so that you don’t get stuck paying for additional repairs covered by the agreement. 

  • Environmental-friendly Materials 

Unlike traditional auto hail damage repair, PDR is an environmentally-friendly option since it doesn’t rely on chemicals throughout the process. It is a dent removal technique that avoids the use of toxic solvents, paints, fillers, and other poisonous chemicals typically found in traditional dent removal procedures. 

With Paintless Dent Repair, you can get rid of minor dings and dents on your vehicle’s body without altering its paint. It is an option that is more cost-effective, quick, and convenient than traditional auto repair. You can save money because there is no need to repaint or replace new body panel. At Tip Top Auto Hail, we know that life is hectic. So, please don’t waste your time sitting at home while waiting for your vehicle while it’s in the auto shop. Book a PDR service with us by calling (303) 868-1270 and learn how we can boost your car’s lifespan and remove dents and damage with the affordable and eco-friendly PDR service of Tip Top Auto Hail! 

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