Aside from being known as the Mile High City, Denver is also famous for being a hail magnet. Being the most populous city in the Centennial State has its advantages, but it also has its fair share of downs, especially when a big hailstorm hits. To date, Denver is among the top ten large cities in the continental US that are prone to hail storms. Three of the top 10 costliest hailstorms in recorded US history have been in the Denver area. In a place like that, it’s a good idea to know where the best paintless dent repair shops are.

The Difference between PDR and Traditional Dent Repair

Hail can often be avoided, but it can’t be prevented, and many people in the Denver area eventually end up with hail dings in their cars. Before you choose which procedure you want your car to undergo, you should know the difference between your options.

There’s no denying that traditional dent repair has helped many people over the years. This method is standard in most collision repair shops, though it requires a lot of labor. First, they have to refill the dent on the surface and find a matching paint color to make it look as it was before. After that, they smooth down all the surfaces until it’s all ready to be repainted and then wait for the solution to dry.

The whole process takes considerably longer than paintless dent repair. What’s worse is that the process has the unfavorable potential of altering the look of your car.

Thankfully, more auto body shops have switched to a more practical method –  paintless dent repair. This procedure doesn’t require any hole-filling or color-matching. 

Paintless dent repair method is quick and inexpensive. That convenience could be a comfort to hail victims that aren’t sure what to do after a hail storm. Even better is if they know where they can find the most efficient paintless dent repair services in town before the hail hits.

Experience the Most Effective PDR Services in Denver

Living in one of the most hail-crossed cities in Colorado shouldn’t keep you from your nice car nice. In such conditions, you’re lucky to be near a reliable paintless dent repair services provider.

With Tip Top Auto Hail dent repair services, you can expect a trifecta of service:

  • Quality service like no other.

You delivered your car to us in bad condition you’ll get it back in tip-top shape. Pardon the pun.

  • Partners that you can trust.

We never see you as “just” a customer, and we don’t see your car as a wreck. We partner with you and your insurance company to get your car right again. 

  • Sufficient experience and standard procedure.

Only the most experienced of professionals deliver flawless dent repair. We know because we do it! Our proud experience of 20 years in the industry speaks for itself.

We make it a responsibility to be your ultimate go-to for your paintless dent repair in Denver. Call (303) 868-1270 when you need us. We’ll be right here waiting.

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