Hail damage is one of the biggest concerns of car owners in Denver and the surrounding areas. Denver is, after all, part of Hail Alley. And, as the climate changes, we experience hail more often and even see larger hailstones than before. 

This kind of issue means that you need specialists who can make your car pretty again. Sure, it is challenging to trust any company to work on your car, but it is crucial to address new damage right away and find a repair shop that can restore your vehicle to its pre-storm condition. Choose a Denver-based 5-star Google reviewed repair shop like Tip Top Auto Hail so you know you’re working with a trusted company.

What Makes Tip Top Auto Hail Different?

With so many options for dent repair services in the Denver market, vehicle owners often find it challenging to choose the best repair center for their needs. Fortunately, nothing beats experience– and  Tip Top Auto Hail has decades of it.

Many car owners who have suffered from minor to extensive hail damage have trusted Tip Top Auto Hail. For 20 years, Tip Top has committed to transforming hail-damaged vehicles into flawless-looking dent-free ones. 

Gaining and maintaining a five-star review from clients is no easy feat. To preserve the standing that they currently have, Tip Top Auto Hail guarantees fast, efficient, and friendly services at the most affordable price.

What it offers: Reasons behind the 5-star Google Reviews

Here are some reasons that Tip Top Auto Hail is the solution to your hail damage woes: 

Well-tested Techniques and Advanced Technology

You need to find a repair shop that has well-tested techniques and advanced technology to conduct a precise examination of your vehicle. Tip Top Auto Hail has a specialized light board that uses shadows to obtain an accurate inspection of the damage to your car.

Cost-effective and Environmental-friendly Tools

Different damage requires different measures to be resolved. Our team of highly skilled technicians utilizes advanced auto body tools designed to reach the rear portion of an automobile panel to remove the dents successfully and restore your car’s exterior beauty to its pre-storm condition. With our Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) and Hail Dent Removal services, we can guarantee the restoration of most hail-damaged cars’ exteriors.

Damage Evaluation and Assessment 

Our technicians perform a thorough assessment of the damaged vehicles to ensure that they don’t overlook any minor dents or hidden dings. This detailed evaluation provides comprehensive information about your car’s body damage and how we can resolve it.

Paintless Dentless Repair (PDR)

Our experts have decades of experience, customized tools, and advanced techniques to repair dents without damaging the painted exterior. Moreover, our PDR service is an affordable service that does not require putty or traditional bodywork. It also maintains your car’s resale value since PDR retains the car body’s structural integrity and does not affect the paint of your vehicle.

Filing of Insurance Claims Assistance

Some car owners are hesitant about filing a claim for hail damage, but hail dent removal should not increase your insurance rates if you have comprehensive coverage. If you are not sure how your insurance claim process works, we can help you through it. We can contact the insurance company for you to get your back on the road as soon as possible. 

Hail damage can occur almost without warning. Our repair specialists in Denver can help you get your car back in tip-top shape. Our 5-star Google reviews tell the story: We provide high-quality, environmental-friendly dent removal and repairs in the most cost-effective way. Call us at (303) 868-1270 and learn how we can help you today.

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