Cover your cars, a storm is brewing! The Denver Technological Center (DTC) area gets a lot of rain and LOTS of hailstorms. You have seen what a pebble can do when someone throws it to a window. How about marble-sized ice? Hail comes in different sizes, sometimes as big as golf balls. And it falls a lot farther than from across the street. This natural phenomenon is often encountered by people living and working near the Denver Tech Center in south Denver, Colorado.

A hailstorm could ruin your car, dimpling the roof and hood or even shattering the windows. The next thing you know, your awesome car is now just A CAR with unappealing dimples and holes. It’s a good thing that there is an auto repair shop that repairs hail damage near Denver Tech.

Tiptop Auto Hail Repair Shop provides makes sure your car is Denver-Tech-ready. With top of the line services and expertise, rest assured that those dents won’t be a problem for long.

Hail in the Hole! Cover Me!

Hail storms often put holes in your wallet as well as your roof. Tiptop Auto Hail Repair offers you great service with even greater deals.

Removing dents by slowly stripping off paint and pushing the dents and dings inside out was once the mainstream in car repair.

Introducing PDR: This is an innovative way to restore the beauty of your vehicle without the hassle of repainting and drilling. PDR, or Paintless Dent Repair, is a careful strategy in which the dents of your car are slowly and gradually flexed without the need for repainting the dings. Tiptop Auto Hail Repair works on repairing your vehicle with minimal stress on the car.

Is it Pointless or Paintless?

“This is pointless!” You say that to yourself when you see your car a wreck.  Why not say paintless? We at TipTop Auto Hail Repair provide you with a gentler outlook (when we save you on that old-school dent repair bill). Going paintless means repairing your vehicle as it is: Your car doesn’t have to be filled, grinded, repainted and sealed. Paintless Dent Repair offered by Auto Hail Repair is the most cost-effective hail repair you’ll ever find around the DTC.

Why Contact TipTop Auto Hail?

With 20 years of experience working on all kinds of vehicles, we make sure that you get the service you need at an affordable price. Our lead technician, Kyle Cavanaugh,  and his team of specialists offer you the best solution to dents and other hail damage. From banged up hoods to shattered windows, we at Tiptop Auto Hail Repair are confident that we can give the car you love all the care it needs. Get your vehicle in shape in one day by reaching us through our site or calling us at (303) 868-1270.

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