Storms come from the converging of unstable air, heat, and moisture in the atmosphere. They can come in different forms like gusty winds, heavy rains, and hailstorms. A hailstorm is one of the most damaging types of storm, with hailstones falling from the sky, often accompanied by heavy winds. Hail sizes range from pea-sized to golf ball sized— and sometimes they’re even bigger! Due to its high elevation and topography, the Denver area often experiences hailstorms. And, of course,  people in Denver and its surrounding areas like Cherry Creek, Colorado get aggravated by hailstorms because of the damage they do to cars, houses, and even people. Hail can put holes in cars, shatter windows, and tear up roofing. Car owners pay a hefty amount to deal with the damage hail causes their vehicles.

Tip Top Auto Hail Repair in Denver offers an innovative way for you to repair hail damage to your car.

Why choose Tip Top Auto Hail?

1. Simplicity

Dents and dings are repaired by drilling holes in the dents, then filling and repainting them. At Tip Top Auto Hail Repair, we don’t drill holes in your car or even repaint it. Using Paintless Dent Repair ensures a faster fix with minimal effort— but with a quality outcome. A team of specialists gradually flex the dent to make sure that it vanishes as if nothing happened.

2. Save Time

We serve quality service in less time than traditional hail repair. The Paintless Dent Repair ensures no painting and filling, so It will only take a day or two to fully repair your vehicle after we assess the damage.

3. Save Money

We at Tip Top Auto Hail offer quality service at an affordable price. If your car can be restored to its original condition without drilling and painting, we can do it. It’s inexpensive enough that it’s often cheaper than customers’ insurance deductibles.

4. Precise Workmanship

With 20 years of experience, we get the job done right the first time.

5. Accessibility

Tip Top Auto Hail Repair is easy to find in South Denver, and we work with most insurance companies. We also offer free car rental and shuttle services. We know how nerve-racking it is to feel stuck when your car is in the shop, so we compensate by making sure you have transportation while you wait to get your vehicle back.

Save yourself from expensive repairs by calling our technicians at (303) 868-1270.

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