Aside from real estate, cars are some of our costlier investments. Like most investments, our cars take a little effort to maintain. Living around the Glendale/Denver area means you’re going to see some hail, and your car may see some too. Worry not. Tip Top Auto Hail provides paintless dent repair (PDR), which is a cost-effective way of repairing dings and dents much faster and more affordably than traditional body work.

Act Now or Act Later

Dents that don’t crack auto paint may not seem important to some people, even if there are those of us that flip over a bird dropping on the hood. A minor dent doesn’t need immediate attention, but if you leave it too long you run the risk of it turning into a bigger problem. Besides, any dent represents a decrease in value, and PDR makes them quick and easy to repair.

Deep damage that cracks the paint or creates creases may not be a good candidate for PDR. 

Why an Immediate Response is a Must

Smaller car damage may not create bigger issues – yet. But considering an immediate response to whatever damage happened to your car can save you from a lot of stress. Set up a car maintenance checklist so you can find hidden issues and smaller dents while paintless dent repair can still fix it.

Proactive checks and maintenance can save you money in the long run. Here are a few reasons to keep on top of it:

Paintless Dent Repair:

Maintains its value

Your car’s image has a direct impact on its residual value. Having perceivable dents also makes it impossible for the vehicle owner to renew or apply for comprehensive insurance and even those with higher deductibles. These unfixed car damages lead to paint damages, eventually leading to rust spots, impacting a hefty loss in the residual value. However, the car’s appearance doesn’t only ruin its image, but also the owner. There are instances when you won’t find the tiny dents unless you have them checked on a car shop. So having your auto checked regularly keeps you away from more worries. 

Saves you money

Regular car maintenance doesn’t cost much. However, unexpected repairs can turn out to be more expensive. Moving parts rarely fail without reason or warning. Avoiding maintenance allows minor issues to develop into more severe problems. Regular checks also help you find effects from wear and tear and smaller dents before they turn into something more.  

Improves passenger safety

It’s typical to have dents on car doors from minor collisions. However, even a small dent can bring structural damages to the vehicle’s locking mechanism. A failing door lock creates so much inconvenience that car owners ignore. In cases such as an accident, these malfunctioning doors could trap passengers, and the safety risk can make you lose your passenger’s life. 

Car Maintenance:

Saves blown out car tires

Car tires make the most contact to the road, and they wear out from immense usage, especially the front ones. Forgetting to rotate the tires could eventually wear them out unevenly and result in early tire change with costly operations. Need a free air tire service? Visit Tip Top Auto Hail in Denver. 

Reduces air pollution of the car

Many preventable issues result in an increase in toxic pollutant emissions. An example of this is an incomplete fuel combustion emitting carbon dioxide. This can be a result of improper ignition timing, a broken spark plug, an unclean air filter, or a broken pump.  So, keeping to a regular maintenance schedule isn’t just good for your car and wallet– it minimizes air pollutants like carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons. 

Respond With Tip Top Auto Hail

Putting a vehicle on a maintenance appointment saves you from unwanted expenses, especially finding dings and dents that are seemingly hiding from the human eyes. If you’ve spotted damage, don’t hesitate to call Tip Top Auto Hail for an immediate response to your auto’s dents. Start making a move now before it’s too late. We offer a quality service, top of the line Paintless Dent Repair in Glendale to give you the satisfaction you need. Make that appointment with us today at or call (303) 868-1270.

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