Let’s look at the facts: If your vehicle has dents, dings, and body creases, paintless dent repair is the service your vehicle needs. Paintless dent repair is a specialized technique used by technicians to restore vehicles to their original condition. It is a quick and cost-effective way of restoring your vehicle’s look. This repair is an excellent solution for treating dents of all sizes, including small and large ones. What’s more exciting is that the process of repairing dents can be completed the same day you bring your car to the shop. It’s an offer perfect for those who are always on the go! Of course, the amount of time it takes will always vary, but Tip Top Auto Hail Repair guarantees that we can work on it in no time! You must learn the mistakes so that you can avoid car dents.

How Tip Top Auto Hail Repairs Car Dents

Denver, CO, is a hailstorm alley. It’s no wonder every resident here is fully aware of the damages that could be done to their vehicle after a hailstorm has passed. Aside from hailstorms, there are also other factors why their cars get dented. Some are merely caused by people due to careless driving, minor collisions, and damage while the vehicle is in a parking lot. Luckily, dents can be quickly repaired using our proven and tested repair methods, such as traditional auto hail repair and paintless dent repair. Tip Top Auto Hail’s expert technicians work carefully by determining the dent’s best method of repair. We don’t cover dings and dents with paint and filler like others do. Our technicians go through the damaged panels’ underside. They carefully restore the vehicle’s original condition by gradually flexing and massaging the damaged part. This process only takes a day here at At Tip Top Auto Hail!

The Do’s and Dont’s to Avoid Car Dents

Tip Top Auto Hail wants to save you from spending money on paintless dent repair. While there are a lot of things to remember to prevent nasty dents, we put together a list for you to avoid car dents: 

  • DO: Park your car inside the garage.

Parking indoors not only prevents your car from heating up, it also prevents the chances of having your neighbor’s kids’ basketball or baseball fly through your car’s windows or creating an awful dent in your door. It’s an effective way of protecting your vehicle from hailstorms, too, especially when you live around Denver. Damage made by hailstorms is not always minimal. Massive damage can occur, too.

  • DO: Install a rear-view camera.

It’s not easy looking behind you when you’re attempting to drive in reserve. Though rear-view cameras may be a bit expensive, there are still aftermarket shops that sell them at very affordable prices. They are easy to install, and they let you get that rear vision for safe parallel parking.

  • DO: Have a sense of parking lot awareness.

The parking lot is one of the most feared places for car owners. A runaway grocery cart in the vicinity is highly anticipated, and a collision, even when your car is parked is a nightmare. Consider parking at the back of the lot where there is less traffic or park in the corner.

  • DON’T: Let parking attendants park your car

Parking attendants and valets are more concerned about parking your car quickly than keeping it free of dents and scratches. They might harm your car, but they do not care for it as you do. Sometimes it’s better to take the extra time to park your own car than to have to deal with dents and scratches later.. 

Repair Your Vehicle’s Dents With Us Now

Repairing car dents the “do-it-yourself” way can be challenging, and in some cases, it can increase the damage to your car, too! At Tip Top Auto Hail, we understand the repair needs of your vehicle. Our experts who specialize in paintless dent repair can manage to restore your car’s original look. Whether it’s a small or a big dent, we’ll gladly provide service to you! Call us at (303) 868-1270 or send us your questions at info@tiptopautohail.com. Need help with your vehicle? Tip Top Auto Hail will repair it! https://www.tiptopautohail.com/about-us/.

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