Hail Storms wreak havoc across the metro area every hail season. Since there often isn’t enough time to prepare for hailstorms, the potential for damage to unprotected vehicles is significant. Hailstones can leave noticeable pits and dents in your car’s exterior– which isn’t how you imagined it, is it? 

Fixing busted car windows and hood damage can cost a lot, so some car owners try to repair the damage themselves instead of seeking professional help. There are many YouTube videos and articles today teaching do-it-yourself hail damage repair. However, the likelihood of DIY hail repair succeeding is low. So, instead of risking your vehicle’s value with DIY procedures, it is best to check your car insurance policy and turn to a reputable auto body shop. The cost of fixing hail damage probably isn’t as expensive as you might think, especially if you have a comprehensive insurance policy.

Why Do-It-Yourself Hail Damage Repairs Are Not Reliable

Your car might have too small a gouge or dent to justify the cost of traditional body repair but still, have problems too big to ignore. Sure, you may save a little by repairing dents by yourself. There are many DIY hail damage repair ideas floating around the Internet. 

While you can fix some dents on your car, there are damages that you can’t (or shouldn’t) address since they require specialized tools and specific skills to repair correctly. You can even cause further damage to your car.

It is difficult to estimate the force needed to pound a dent out. Specialized tools available online can be unreliable, and professional equipment can be expensive. Lack of experience and training can also put your vehicle at risk. But don’t worry! There are auto body repair shops that can cost-effectively fix most cars even after they have suffered hail damage.

Drawbacks of DIY Hail Damage Repair Methods

DIY dent repair is not easy, and when you factor in the risk and your time, it might not be worthwhile. There are several reasons why experts perform dent repairs and why at-home methods might not work. Here are a few popular ones (and their risks).

  • Using a Plunger Puller

There’s a rumor that the plunger puller method can pull out dents. But did you know that this procedure makes the damage more prominent? When you push the plunger in, the dent gets bigger to produce the suction needed to pull the dent out. 

  • DIY Repair Kits

“For as little as $20, you can fix your hail-damaged vehicle like a pro!” There are several auto hail repair kits available that promise to get the dents out of your car just as well as a professional technician. Think about that claim. Car repair specialists have years of experience and spend thousands of dollars on specialized tools. So does it make sense that a kit under $20 can help you remove the dents just as well without experience? 

  • Using a Hair Dryer and Dry Ice

Typical DIY hail repair legends include using a hairdryer on the dent and then cooling it with dry ice. In truth, a hairdryer does not produce enough heat to work out the molecular structure of the dented area. Meanwhile, a block of dry ice could damage the finish of your car.

  • Sun Exposure

Like human skin, your car can experience drying and accelerated aging from too much sun exposure. Internet “experts” sometimes claim that parking your car under direct sunlight can remove dents. Why isn’t everybody doing this one? If it worked, professionals would have far less work… and fewer people would experiment with dry ice and hair dryers. 

Before you resort to kits and other DIY hail repair solutions, decide if the advantages outweigh the hazards. Sure, DIY projects are fun. Seeing your baby after a bad DIY job isn’t. An easy $20 fix can cost you far more down the road. Unless you have training and experience fixing dents, let the professionals from Tip Top Auto Hail handle the damage! If you have any questions, or live around the Denver area and need a reliable auto hail repair shop, don’t hesitate to or set up an appointment or call us at (303) 868-1270.  

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