Mother Nature is unpredictable. Even so, we are already in an age wherein technology can help us detect incoming storms. It is up to us whether we’re going to take action or not. After all, storms are inevitable, and eventually they carry hail. Hailstones fall at the speeds of as much as 100 mph, so leaving your auto outside in the middle of a hailstorm can result in severe damage.  

Possible Impact of Hailstorms 

Hail damage can be a pain in the neck. Ignoring even minor damage can leave an eyesore, at best, or cause more issues later at worst. 

Tip Top Auto Hail Service: Hail Dent Removal in Denver

Especially in this area where it’s normal to encounter a hailstorm, there are a lot of things you need to consider, from preventive measures down to choosing the right auto hail repair in Denver.

The process: 

Evaluate your vehicle’s damage

When preventative measures don’t work and you experience what you planned on avoiding, it’s time to act fast for recovery. Bring your vehicle to your repair shop where well-trained technicians can evaluate the damage and recommend specific repair methods.

Repair selection

Deep creases and other damage that breaks the paint may need more traditional repair, but most hail damage can be addressed with Paintless Dent Repair, a process that restores the original look of the vehicle quickly. 

Create access to the dent

If you and your technician have concluded that paintless dent repair can fix your dents, the technician will access the dent’s back. Once there is a clear path for the actual procedure, then it’s time for the technician to go to the next step.

 Repair the dent

After evaluating the dent, the tech will push the back exterior using gradual pressure and force, causing the damaged area to return to its original factory shape and sheen. 

Flaunt Your Car With Us

As long as hailstorms keep happening in Denver, there will be cars with hail damage. If that happens to you, Tip Top Auto Hail is always ready to help with our 24/7 drop-off. Request a quote from us at Call (303) 868-1270 today for your auto hail repair inquiries.

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