As a car owner in Glendale, have you ever sent your car for hail repair? Have you used your insurance to pay for the repairs? If you have, you are safe from costly mistakes car owners usually make when dealing with hail damage. You may not be aware of these mistakes, so make this as a handy guide next time you send your vehicle for an auto hail repair near Glendale.

Using Your Auto Insurance In Covering Hail Damage

Escape the high costs of auto hail repair by using your auto insurance. There are two types of coverage: collision coverage, which covers human-made accidents such as accidents, and the comprehensive coverage, which covers the repairs brought by hail. If your auto policy has comprehensive coverage, then you are protected from hail damage.

Be Aware Of These Costly Mistakes!

Mistake #1- Disregarding Light Hail Damages

Yes, you can shrug off the minor damage caused by hail, but what are the costs? Many people fail to recognize that any damage, be it big or small, can impact your car’s resale value. If you have any intention in reselling your vehicle, you can’t just set this issue aside. Some damage can barely be seen at a glance but can cost you thousands of dollars of residual damages in the future. Getting those light damages fixed right away can benefit you in the future. 

Mistake #2- Waiting For Hail Season To End

Waiting for the hail season to end could be a typical response for some people, but this may cause issues, especially in your insurance claims. When your vehicle suffers from more than one hail storm and you try to take care of it in a single insurance claim, you might be engaging in insurance fraud. 

There are also other risks. Another hail storm damage in your vehicle might result in your car being totaled instead of being repairable. You could lose great value if you don’t send your vehicle to the repair shop immediately. 

Mistake #3- Waiting To File an Insurance Claim

During the hail season, insurance agencies are active because of active claims due to the weather. The longer you wait for the agent to inspect the damages, the more significant your losses will be. 

Mistake #4- Thinking Of Premium Insurances

Avoid overthinking about insurance. Check your insurance’s comprehensive coverage. Hailstorms are covered under your comprehensive coverage, and your money in the insurance company is available to repair your car. Stop hesitating to use it for your vehicle’s repairs. 

Mistake #5- Choosing Repair Shops

The cheapest and easiest way to remove the hail damage is to use Paintless Dent Repair. Choosing the right shop to send your car to is important. For example, auto hail repair shops near Glendale, like Tip Top Auto Hail, have experts who use PDR for hail damage repairs. They have been in the industry for many years and have proven their skills in the field. Shops of this kind can provide you with the repairs you need, be it the conventional or PDR. 

Tip Top Auto Hail promises you excellent delivery of auto hail repair near Glendale. Many satisfied clients have trusted our auto shop with their insurance claims and vehicle repair. Trust your car repair to our experts today! Contact us at (303) 868-1270 or send an email at for more information!

Auto Hail Repair From Tip Top Auto Hail

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