Did you know that it is hail season in Denver? Every April to September the Mile High City is at risk of hailstorms. It usually starts in springtime when strong updrafts from the Rocky Mountains move over the Front Range and collide with the warm air from the Eastern Plains. Hail forms when the updrafts are strong enough to carry water droplets well above the freezing level. If the updrafts can no longer support the weight of the ice, it eventually falls to the ground. The sizes of hailstones vary depending on the strength of the updrafts; the stronger the updraft, the larger the hail. Some hailstones are the size of quarters, while others get as big as golf balls. When the larger ones fall to the ground, it can cause catastrophic damage to structures and other types of personal property including houses and automobiles.

For the past several years, the destructive hailstorms of Denver have wreaked havoc on thousands of vehicles by shattering windshields and denting the car bodies. Although the costs of hail damage repair vary from one auto body shop to another, it generally does not come cheap. Fortunately, several auto hail damage insurance claim companies in Denver provide comprehensive hail insurance.

But, are all car owners qualified to file a claim to their car insurance provider?

When Does Car Insurance Companies Cover Hail Damage?

If vehicle owners have comprehensive car insurance, the insurance company covers damages from events that the insured have no control over. Some types of damages covered under comprehensive auto insurance include natural phenomenon, explosions, vandalism, falling objects, or acts of terrorism. For most cases of comprehensive claims, car owners pay a deductible between $50 and $2,000. That deductible covers all the damage to the vehicle from a single event, including broken glass and exterior dents. If a hailstorm damages your vehicle, contact your auto insurance provider immediately.

Step-by-Step Guide on Filing an Auto Hail Damage Insurance Claim

Hail damage presents a dilemma for both vehicle owners and insurance companies. The latter despise hailstorms since it can cause millions of dollars of damage across the city, and they have to settle all of it. But for an automobile owner, it is essential to file an insurance claim and cooperate with an insurance company. This is to get your vehicle repaired in a reasonable amount of time.

Here is a step-by-step guide on what you need to do before and after filing a hail damage claim:

Step 1: Inspect Your Vehicle for Damage

After the storm, it is necessary to check your vehicle and acquire both written and photographic proof of the damage since it is difficult to recover a claim if you discover the damage months after the occurrence of the hailstorm. If the only damage of your car is a small chip in the windshield, going through the process of filing a claim might not be worth it. Paying out of your pocket would be more reasonable than paying the deductible.

Step 2: Contact your Insurance Company

With the pieces of information you have gathered, you can now call your car insurance provider and update them about the status of your vehicle. It is essential to supply them with all the details about the situation. This is to avoid the gray areas to make the claim process more manageable.

Step 3: Wait for an Adjustor to Inspect your Vehicle

An insurance adjuster is a person who examines insurance claims to identify the severity of the damage and determine the company’s accountability. Schedule a time to meet with your adjuster or take time off from work, so you are present when the adjuster assesses the hail damage. Moreover, it is essential to ask the right questions about the process and deductible to give you an idea on the expenses.

Step 4: Check Shops for Quotes

The insurance company is responsible for some part of the hail damage. That’s why you should consider hiring a shop which has your best interest in mind. If the deductible is your issue, look for insurance companies that work with you on out-of-pocket expenses.

Step 5: Get Your Vehicle to its Original Factory Condition

Waiting to repair your vehicle can do more harm than good. If you ignore the dents and dings on the body exterior, it may rust and spread and cause more problems.

When hailstorms happen, hundreds to thousands of damage claims may pile up in insurance companies. Being at the top of the claims list can help you recover damage costs promptly. Your insurance company will assess the damage and provide you an estimate of their liability. Meanwhile, you are responsible for searching for an auto repair shop and asking about costs. Once the estimate satisfies you, it is your responsibility to pay for the deductible so that the specialist can repair your vehicle.

Hailstorms are unpredictable. So, it is best safe than sorry when it comes to insurance. Here at Tip Top Auto Hail, we can help you find out how to get your vehicle protected from the costs of hail damage with the right kind of hail damage insurance claim from a company that knows what you deserve. Connect with us by calling (303) 868-1270.

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