Colorado Springs garnered the second highest number of hail damage reports in the United States from 2013-2015 with a total of 182,591 claims. More recently, in August 2018, a storm hammered southwest Colorado Springs and Fountain. Then, gigantic hailstones caused approximately $172.8 million worth of damage to houses and vehicles.

An insurance trade group revealed that the hailstorm a year ago ranked second highest on record for the Colorado Springs area. As part of the so-called Hail Alley, different forms of precipitation frequently visit Colorado’s Front Range. Locals might already be used to it, but the damage that results from hailstorms can still be unimaginable. That’s why Colorado Springs makes such an appropriate home for a great hail damage repair shop to help repair all that vehicle damage. Vehicle owners can get their car back in shape with the best auto hail repair services in Colorado Springs.

How to Recover from a Damaging Hailstorm?

We can do many things in preparation for hailstorms, of course. Signing up for a good insurance plan and taking extra measures for your property are both important. However, the extent of the damage that a particular storm can do is not guaranteed, and we may not know how to handle it when it comes. So, it is a good idea to partner with an auto hail repair shop that will prove useful.

If hail happened to strike your home, wait until it is finally safe to go outside, and then check to see whether the roof of your house is severely damaged. Inspect your gutters and shingles and ensure that there are no cracks or dents that might bring further risks. Rain, wind, and snow can wear when hail spots are left unattended. If the damage is particularly severe, you will have to find a specialist to help.

Likewise, an unprotected car is also susceptible to dents and other damage. Though dings and dents on vehicles hardly ever affect performance, it is still better to have an expert assess your car regarding the severity of the damage.

Disregarding it might be your best option if you do not have comprehensive coverage on your car policy since repair services could be costly. Hail damage can also affect resale value in the future, though.

On the other hand, having comprehensive auto coverage means that your insurer can cover your repair fees. After that, you can head to your trusted paintless auto hail repair shop where they can restore your vehicle to its original factory condition quickly with little to no paint required.

Choose the Best Auto Hail Repair Services Provider near You

You don’t want to drive any further than necessary to get your vehicle body fixed.                                                                

  • Quality Service

Do not settle for any less than Tip Top quality before handing over your car keys.

  • Trusted Community

You can learn from local organizations and web reviews whether the shop is trusted. Also, if thousands of insurance claims trace back to the hub, then you know that you can rely on it, too.

  • Experienced Team

With our years of expertise in the industry, we might well be the standard for top-notch quality and service.

Put all those three together, and Tip Top Auto Hail Repair is what you get. Storms pass, and hail damage can too if you are in the right hands. Experience Tip Top results from Tip Top Specialists. Start by checking out our website or dropping us a call at (303) 868-1270.  

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