If you’re a car enthusiast who happens to live in Denver, Colorado, then perhaps paintless dent repair or PDR does not need further introduction. In the whole country, Colorado gets the most severe hailstorms because of its elevation. According to Storm Prediction Center in the state, every year, the stretch from Denver to Colorado Springs suffer from an average of 13 hailstorms. The sad part is, most of this natural phenomena are damaging. And for owners who treat their vehicles as one of their most prized possession, this statistic is nowhere good news. But while it’s true that you can’t do anything to prevent the hailstorm, at least you can do something to lessen the damage.

What can you do when precautions fail?

Most people in Denver are aware that their place had always been a hail alley. For the last five years, the booming population suffered more battered rooftops and more dinged cars. More and more citizen begin to feel the effects of the wrecking havoc in their lives and insurance rates. Some decide to take precautions by checking out the reports of trained spotters or by heeding their warnings. However, not all can save themselves from the upcoming hailstorms. Most of them find themselves wondering how much money they will need to restore their properties. Most of the time, it’s the cars that badly needs attention. Fortunately, there is a new method of auto hail repair that is both timewise and budget-friendly.

Paintless Dent Repair in Denver: Here’s What You Need to Know

Paintless dent repair is more popularly known as the “PDR” method. It is a method that is fast gaining notoriety for car owners. It is not only known in Denver but in the whole country. Oskar Flaig invented it in February of 1960 during the “International Motor Sports Show” held in New York City, USA. He worked as a Mercedes staff and tasked to paint all the cars on display during trade fairs. Seeing that some of them have noticeable dents and he was out of time, he used a hammer to push out dents. Then, he applied a little bit of filler and paint. Seeing the results, he decided to improve the method in the years that came and the rest is history. Today, this innovative discovery can be enjoyed by the citizens of Denver.

But here’s where it gets more interesting.

At a fraction of a price, you can say goodbye to the dents and dings of your cars without having the need to wait for a week or more. Tip Top Auto Hail is one of the trusted auto repair shops in the area. Over the years, we have mastered the art of doing paintless dent repair for car owners.

Why Paintless Dent Repair is Your Best Choice

When it comes to treating dents and dings caused by hail, the paintless dent repair method proves to be more beneficial compared to any other conventional body shop methods. The expert technicians at Tip Top Auto hail believe that a car with dents doesn’t need to be grinded and filled with Bondo, primers, and sealers. Using PDR, we make sure that the original paint is reserved. This is to ensure that there would be no problems of mismatched colors after the process. In addition, PDR is more cost-effective than conventional repair.  It is because there is less time required to fix the dents and there is no need to utilize expensive materials.

Why Choose Us?

Tip Top Auto Hail has been serving Denver residents for more than 20 years. They perfected the art of dent repair. We provide affordable services that conventional auto repair shops don’t have. Since we have mastered the art of performing paintless dent repair, most of our works take only a day, a two at most. If you can’t afford to have dents in your car and at the same time you always need to use your vehicle, come to us and we will save you from the headaches brought by hailstorms.

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