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Storms come from the converging of unstable air, heat, and moisture in the atmosphere. They can come in different forms like gusty winds, heavy rains, and hailstorms. A hailstorm is one of the most damaging types of storm, with hailstones falling from the sky, often accompanied by heavy winds. Hail sizes range from pea-sized to golf ball sized— and sometimes they’re even bigger! Due to its high elevation and topography, the Denver area often experiences hailstorms. And, of course,  people in Denver and its surrounding areas like Cherry Creek, Colorado get aggravated by hailstorms because of the damage they do to cars, houses, and even people. Hail can put holes in cars, shatter windows, and tear up roofing. Car owners pay a hefty amount to deal with the damage hail causes their vehicles.

Tip Top Auto Hail Repair in Denver offers an innovative way for you to repair hail damage to your car.

Why choose Tip Top Auto Hail?

1. Simplicity

Dents and dings are repaired by drilling holes in the dents, then filling and repainting them. At Tip Top Auto Hail Repair, we don’t drill holes in your car or even repaint it. Using Paintless Dent Repair ensures a faster fix with minimal effort— but with a quality outcome. A team of specialists gradually flex the dent to make sure that it vanishes as if nothing happened.

2. Save Time

We serve quality service in less time than traditional hail repair. The Paintless Dent Repair ensures no painting and filling, so It will only take a day or two to fully repair your vehicle after we assess the damage.

3. Save Money

We at Tip Top Auto Hail offer quality service at an affordable price. If your car can be restored to its original condition without drilling and painting, we can do it. It’s inexpensive enough that it’s often cheaper than customers’ insurance deductibles.

4. Precise Workmanship

With 20 years of experience, we get the job done right the first time.

5. Accessibility

Tip Top Auto Hail Repair is easy to find in South Denver, and we work with most insurance companies. We also offer free car rental and shuttle services. We know how nerve-racking it is to feel stuck when your car is in the shop, so we compensate by making sure you have transportation while you wait to get your vehicle back.

Save yourself from expensive repairs by calling our technicians at (303) 868-1270.

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A Reliable Auto Hail Repair Shop near Denver Technological Center

Cover your cars, a storm is brewing! The Denver Technological Center (DTC) area gets a lot of rain and LOTS of hailstorms. You have seen what a pebble can do when someone throws it to a window. How about marble-sized ice? Hail comes in different sizes, sometimes as big as golf balls. And it falls a lot farther than from across the street. This natural phenomenon is often encountered by people living and working near the Denver Tech Center in south Denver, Colorado.

A hailstorm could ruin your car, dimpling the roof and hood or even shattering the windows. The next thing you know, your awesome car is now just A CAR with unappealing dimples and holes. It’s a good thing that there is an auto repair shop that repairs hail damage near Denver Tech.

Tiptop Auto Hail Repair Shop provides makes sure your car is Denver-Tech-ready. With top of the line services and expertise, rest assured that those dents won’t be a problem for long.

Hail in the Hole! Cover Me!

Hail storms often put holes in your wallet as well as your roof. Tiptop Auto Hail Repair offers you great service with even greater deals.

Removing dents by slowly stripping off paint and pushing the dents and dings inside out was once the mainstream in car repair.

Introducing PDR: This is an innovative way to restore the beauty of your vehicle without the hassle of repainting and drilling. PDR, or Paintless Dent Repair, is a careful strategy in which the dents of your car are slowly and gradually flexed without the need for repainting the dings. Tiptop Auto Hail Repair works on repairing your vehicle with minimal stress on the car.

Is it Pointless or Paintless?

“This is pointless!” You say that to yourself when you see your car a wreck.  Why not say paintless? We at TipTop Auto Hail Repair provide you with a gentler outlook (when we save you on that old-school dent repair bill). Going paintless means repairing your vehicle as it is: Your car doesn’t have to be filled, grinded, repainted and sealed. Paintless Dent Repair offered by Auto Hail Repair is the most cost-effective hail repair you’ll ever find around the DTC.

Why Contact TipTop Auto Hail?

With 20 years of experience working on all kinds of vehicles, we make sure that you get the service you need at an affordable price. Our lead technician, Kyle Cavanaugh,  and his team of specialists offer you the best solution to dents and other hail damage. From banged up hoods to shattered windows, we at Tiptop Auto Hail Repair are confident that we can give the car you love all the care it needs. Get your vehicle in shape in one day by reaching us through our site or calling us at (303) 868-1270.

Tip Top Auto Hail now!

Tip Top Dent Repair is now Tip Top Auto Hail, Denver!

It is our utmost pleasure to inform you that Tip Top Dent Repair is now Tip Top Auto Hail, Denver! Known for being one of the best dent repair providers in Colorado, our company has been delivering upscale services to our beloved customers. Thus, the years of practicing the coalescence of advanced equipment and modern skills of our professionals have helped us acquire the trust of our loyal clients. Although our company’s pride already lies in its premium quality of service, we never stop aiming to improve our brand for customers’ delight and satisfaction.

The Best Auto Hail Repair Service

With a massive pool of restoration options, it can be quite overwhelming to choose what works best for you. That’s why here at Tip Top Auto Hail, we created a solution that has maximum benefits for the majority of car owners.

Paintless Dent Repair

Modern days require modern methods to deal with your car issues! With its advanced distinction with traditional dent repair, the paintless dent repair has been a top choice of vehicle owners who want to restore their cars the most cost-effective way. This method’s objective is to bring back the pristine condition of your car in an environmental-friendly manner. By availing this dent repair service, you can guarantee that the exterior of your car has no signs of acquired hail damage.

Why Choose Tip Top Auto Hail?

Entrusting your car issues to a reliable repair company ensures that your vehicle is in the excellent hands. Here at Tip Top Auto Hail, we aim to provide you with:

World-class Precision

Through the careful and arduous procedure, we guarantee that the number of your car dents is not guesswork. Your insurance adjuster gets the exact information with regards to how many dents there are. We pass through every single part of your vehicle to safeguard the observance and proper handling of each dent.

Clever and Polished Repair

Through the acquisition of professional skills, our technicians have created wonders with the dented cars as their canvas. These experts are proficient with the modern repair technologies. It is required to bring back the pristine condition of your car. Besides, they have mastered the proper utilization of advanced equipment to maximize its benefits. Having only the best tools in our shop, we can guarantee that your car gets back to you in its pre-storm condition. Overall, we ensure that our customers are satisfied with the quality of our restoration output.

Team Experience

We want what’s best for our clients; thus, we only hire the best auto hail repair experts to be a part of our world-class team. Through the meticulous skill search, we have acquired the most experienced dent removal techs that have developed their abilities by working for huge car manufacturers that repairs damaged vehicles.  By entrusting your dented car in Tip Top Auto Hail, you can guarantee that you have made the right choice.

Tip Top Dent Repair is now Tip Top Auto Hail, Denver! Keep in touch with us and let’s talk about the best way to deal with your car dents.

auto hail repair, 80222

The Distinction Between Scams and Reliable Auto Hail Repair, 80222

Hail storms that create extreme or medium damages to a massive pool of vehicles often visited Colorado. It has been a cause of stress for drivers who want to maintain the pristine condition of their cars. However, owing to its natural background, this weather condition doesn’t have any harsh effects on the vehicle’s paint finish. Therefore, service in Colorado such as auto hail repair, 80222 is there to target the specific issues that come with hail storm damage. Several companies offer cutting-edge AHR technologies that you can trust in resolving your car concerns. Nonetheless, there are also auto dent repair scams that exist to take advantage of car owners’ concerns.

Another term used when about auto dent repair scams is Dent Gypsies. They are often on the lookout for dented cars which they offer to restore on the spot. Auto hail repair scams are typically carried out by individuals who are unconventionally roaming around parking lots to target their prospects. Fortunately, the warning signs listed in this article can identify scammers easier. Without further ado, here are the things you should be cautious when dealing with prospective auto hail service.

  1.    Rapid Repair

With advanced equipment and competent team of professional technicians, auto hail repair can be done efficiently. However, it can’t be as quick as those that are promised by auto dent repair scams. Meticulous restoration takes time, and it is carried out in a shop unlike the on-the-spot treatment of scammers.

  1.    No signs of physical business location

Scams generally run as a mobile business that doesn’t have solid business setting to show off. Be wary of working with these individuals because they have no intentions of adequately restoring the pristine condition of your vehicle.

  1.    No indications of authentic business cards

If someone who claims to have the ability to repair your car doesn’t have any business cards to show, walk away and move on. If, however, there is a card, inspect the numbers that displayed on it. Check if the contact number indicated belongs to the state of Colorado. To better guarantee its legitimacy, call the number and ask the responding staff about their business ID and location.

  1.    Insurance

An authentic auto hail removal provider should consider taking your insurance. Auto dent removal companies typically include insurance in their systems to improve the quality of their customer service. If someone who claims to be a legitimate dent repair provider only considers cash as payment, it’s surely time to consider other company options.

Why Auto Hail Repair?

Fortunately, there are still several service-providers that have the best interest of their clients. For instance, Tip Top Auto Hail is one of the best auto hail repair, 80222. We utilize the power of cutting-edge equipment. Thus, the advanced skills of our professional technicians can restore your car most efficiently. Unlike the traditional repair practices of other shops, the auto hail repair service is carried out through arduous technology that saves your time and money.  Deal with your car dents today and keep in touch with us to receive your quotation.

Cost-Effective Auto Hail Repair Solutions in Colorado Springs

Cost-Effective Auto Hail Repair Solutions in Colorado Springs

Hail falls in pellets of frozen raindrops which occur during intense thunderstorms where snow and rain coexist. Hailstorms frequent this region known as the hail alley. This generally lies along the states of Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Texas, and Wyoming. These states might be the most affected ones, but hailstorms could happen almost everywhere thunderstorms occur.

The May 2016 National Insurance Crime Bureau reports that Colorado holds the record of being the second highest in the number of hail claims in the United States from 2013-2105, with Texas at the first spot. Overall, those states on the top 10 already consist 66 percent of the total number of hail claims within the timeframe. Among the loss claims from 2013-2015, the “Personal Property Homeowners” was the policy type that is affected the most. Placing second to that is the “Personal Automobile” policy type.

Hail in Colorado

Usually, hail may come across as something as familiar as rain, but it actually does more damage and is more dangerous. These pellets of frozen raindrops can actually shatter windows, leave dents in surfaces and even ruin roof coverings.

Mid-April to mid-September is considered to be Colorado’s most damaging hail season. It’s very own Front Range lies in the heart of the said “Hail Alley”. This suffers as victims in the highest frequency of large hail not only in North America but to most of the world. Just in the past 10 years, hailstorm damage had already cost more than $3 billion in insured damage in Colorado alone. Because of this, almost half of a homeowner’s insurance may be spiraling towards hail damage costs.

A specific hailstorm in Colorado Springs dated July 28, 2016, is among those who acquired the most costly hail storms, with an estimated worth of $352.8 million.

Recently, southwest Colorado Springs and Fountain have seen a hailstorm showering hail up to the size of a softball. It caused $172.8 million worth of damage on vehicles, roofs, siding, windows, and other parts of houses.

Hailstorm is and always be inevitable not only in Colorado Springs but all over the world. Its occurrence may be beyond anyone’s control. However, it does not mean that there is also nothing that can be done with all the damage that it can cause. Being financially prepared beforehand could be a good start, but having all properties enrolled in insurance can be useful, too. Because hailstorms are common in these places, hailstorm damages are also standard when it comes to insurance bundles and policies. However, there are still limits to what insurance can cover.

Quality Auto Hail Repair Solutions in Colorado Springs

Cars are not invincible to these frozen pellets of raindrops. As a matter of fact, hail can cause a variety of damages. It includes dents that can make your car look like it stole the craters of the moon. If you can’t save your car from the thrashes of this natural phenomenon, we can fix it up back to its former glory just for you.

The traditional way of removing dents on cars by drilling holes into the dented area to put it back to its original shape is already old news. Repainting over it is the finishing touch, but it often leaves a mark revealing that your car has undergone repair.

Tip Top Auto Hail in Colorado Springs can deliver an expert’s job for a worthy value. Get connections with a team of certified technicians and gain access to the industry’s leading technologies and advanced equipment. Sit back and relax. Tip Top Auto Hail take care of your car’s repair and maintenance services as we treat it like our own.

Connect with Tip Top Auto Hail’s experts today and you won’t have to worry about your car anymore.

What to Do When You're Stressed about Hail Damage in Denver?

What to Do When You’re Stressed about Hail Damage in Denver?

Recently, Denver has pounded by the severe hail storm with softball and golfball-sized hail. The storm caused severe damages to the residents. The residents said that the storm lasted for so long. Many car windshields ended up broken and the hailstorm left hundreds of cars, plants and trees damage and some flooding in the street. In just a blink of an eye, everything can change once severe hail storm occurs. In a moment you have a dent free car then within a snap of a finger, the aesthetics of your vehicle are gone. Good thing, you can rely on a shop to remove the dents in your car. Tip Top Dent Repair is always ready to help you all throughout your needs.

Top three things that you need to do if your car needs a hail damage repair:

  1. You need to assess your car’s damage

You should take a look at your car after the storm. Take note that if the hail was large, it is obvious that the damage was also large. Your car may not be possible to drive if it has a damaged windshield. You need to check your car thoroughly especially the headlights, roof, and taillights.

Remember that if the hail is smaller, the damage may not be obvious until you get closer to your vehicle. If possible, you need to get your car in direct light. Once the light shines on your vehicle, you can observe that there is a dimple effect which looks like a golfball.

  1. Take some photos

You need to have some photos that will show the extent of your car’s damage. This is very necessary and helpful especially in the insurance company and the repair shop.

  1. You need to review your insurance policy

It is always advisable to know what your insurance coverage is. Find out if it covers the hail damage collision repair or the paintless dent repair.

Once you buy a hail damaged car, is it advisable to have it repaired or not?

It actually depends on the damage of the car, you can find a great deal on a vehicle with hail damage. In most cases, the hailstorm can only cause little blemishes, but you also need to inspect the car if you want to buy a used car with signs of hail damage.

The first thing that you should do is to hire a technician that will look at your car. There is a big possibility that more damage and only a few of the damages were repaired. It still depends on you if you want to have your car repaired after buying it or you are contented driving with dents on your car.

Find the best hail damage repair shop in Denver

Hailstorm is considered as one of the things when you never know if you need a car hail damage repair. That’s why it is very important to have some research about the perfect repair shop for your vehicle. Tip Top Auto Hail has a reputation in repairing cars and returned it back to its factory condition. Our team members are properly trained and have the best experience in hail damage removal in your vehicles. You can visit our website and contact us to know how we can help you. Our primary goal is to give you the best services to get you back on the road.

Paintless Dent Repair: The Best Solutions for Car Enthusiasts in Denver

If you’re a car enthusiast who happens to live in Denver, Colorado, then perhaps paintless dent repair or PDR does not need further introduction. In the whole country, Colorado gets the most severe hailstorms because of its elevation. According to Storm Prediction Center in the state, every year, the stretch from Denver to Colorado Springs suffer from an average of 13 hailstorms. The sad part is, most of this natural phenomena are damaging. And for owners who treat their vehicles as one of their most prized possession, this statistic is nowhere good news. But while it’s true that you can’t do anything to prevent the hailstorm, at least you can do something to lessen the damage.

What can you do when precautions fail?

Most people in Denver are aware that their place had always been a hail alley. For the last five years, the booming population suffered more battered rooftops and more dinged cars. More and more citizen begin to feel the effects of the wrecking havoc in their lives and insurance rates. Some decide to take precautions by checking out the reports of trained spotters or by heeding their warnings. However, not all can save themselves from the upcoming hailstorms. Most of them find themselves wondering how much money they will need to restore their properties. Most of the time, it’s the cars that badly needs attention. Fortunately, there is a new method of auto hail repair that is both timewise and budget-friendly.

Paintless Dent Repair in Denver: Here’s What You Need to Know

Paintless dent repair is more popularly known as the “PDR” method. It is a method that is fast gaining notoriety for car owners. It is not only known in Denver but in the whole country. Oskar Flaig invented it in February of 1960 during the “International Motor Sports Show” held in New York City, USA. He worked as a Mercedes staff and tasked to paint all the cars on display during trade fairs. Seeing that some of them have noticeable dents and he was out of time, he used a hammer to push out dents. Then, he applied a little bit of filler and paint. Seeing the results, he decided to improve the method in the years that came and the rest is history. Today, this innovative discovery can be enjoyed by the citizens of Denver.

But here’s where it gets more interesting.

At a fraction of a price, you can say goodbye to the dents and dings of your cars without having the need to wait for a week or more. Tip Top Auto Hail is one of the trusted auto repair shops in the area. Over the years, we have mastered the art of doing paintless dent repair for car owners.

Why Paintless Dent Repair is Your Best Choice

When it comes to treating dents and dings caused by hail, the paintless dent repair method proves to be more beneficial compared to any other conventional body shop methods. The expert technicians at Tip Top Auto hail believe that a car with dents doesn’t need to be grinded and filled with Bondo, primers, and sealers. Using PDR, we make sure that the original paint is reserved. This is to ensure that there would be no problems of mismatched colors after the process. In addition, PDR is more cost-effective than conventional repair.  It is because there is less time required to fix the dents and there is no need to utilize expensive materials.

Why Choose Us?

Tip Top Auto Hail has been serving Denver residents for more than 20 years. They perfected the art of dent repair. We provide affordable services that conventional auto repair shops don’t have. Since we have mastered the art of performing paintless dent repair, most of our works take only a day, a two at most. If you can’t afford to have dents in your car and at the same time you always need to use your vehicle, come to us and we will save you from the headaches brought by hailstorms.

Auto Hail Dent Repair now in Denver


What the hail!

Just one hailstorm could likely have the potential to aggravate you thousands of dollars from dealing damages to your unprotected vehicle. Now, one of the essential things that you should keep in mind is if your car insurance is still intact. If not, it’s a good thing that an auto hail repair in Denver, Colorado is more than willing to save you some of the hassle and stress.

Colorado is considered as hail heaven for its geography’s high altitude and dry air. It is a great location to form icy stones and for strong, dry winds to carry water up and up to the higher, colder parts of the atmosphere and hold them there.

The Colorado hail season is between the months of April and September. Getting prepped to protect our beloved automobiles from damaging hailstorms are one of the biggest concerns in the area on those times of the year. According to the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association, in a typical season, Colorado sees about three or four catastrophic hailstorms.

Just imagine what methods you should do to protect your vehicles three to four times every year from the hail that’s coming! It’s like you are Jon Snow of Game of Thrones battling with the Night King during Winter.

Fortunately, if the hail-tastrophe has victimized you, Paintless Dent Repair Service has come to town. Hail the Hail Damage Experts!

If a hailstorm has dinged and dented your car, there’s no need to feel upset and frustrated. Your one-stop auto hail repair shop is now in Denver.

There is a method to be used to remove dents and dings from the body of the car. This method is the Paintless Dent Removal (PDR). Each PDR technician has undergone extensive training and requires years of personal experience to master this process.

Why undergo PDR as your Auto Hail Repair?

–    Restores the value and beauty of your vehicle

–    Saves you money (compared to undergoing major car repairs)

–    Avoid major work and automobile body repairs

–    Repairs your vehicle in a small amount of time

–    Does not involve harsh chemicals

–    Does not require drilling holes

Tiptop is an auto hail dent repair company. It works with car owners and automobile body shops in the Denver, Colorado. If it happens that your car gets trapped into the hail-tastrophe, need not to worry. Just bring at Tip Top Auto Hail and they surely are experts at fixing hail damage.

They use innovative, paintless dent repair technology that can restore automobile damage quickly and efficiently. You will surely be amazed at the results of their work. Moreover, they work directly with all insurance companies to make the process as easy on their clients as possible.

Some car owners dwell on watching Do-It-Yourself (DIY) videos to remove their dents. However, most DIY videos don’t tell you that amateur work on dent removal can make the problem worse. It takes the right amount of pressure to the metal for the dent to be restored and fixed to its factory finish. This is the reason why Tip Top dent technicians provide clients with information on how the service is done to show you why it is best to let them handle the job.

But wait, there’s more! They also offer repair services on door dings, dinner plate dent sizes, minor scratch repairs, buffing and polishing of your automobiles!

If you are looking for someone to go above and beyond for every hail car dent, come in for a free estimate. Let Tip Top Auto Hail remove your auto’s dent—may be big or small, quickly and efficiently. You can call them at 303-868-1270.