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Why Denver Owners of Hail-Damaged Vehicles Choose Paintless Dent Repair

In a county like Denver where hailstorms often occur, many vehicle owners face the nightmare of hail damage on their cars. Minor automotive collisions or hailstorm damage may result in dents and dings on the exterior of vehicles. Although it does not take much impact to make dents, it can be disproportionately inconvenient for vehicle owners. This is because ding repairs can be complex and extensive. Fortunately, the modern age has introduced new and innovative techniques to simplify dent removal: Paintless Dent Repair (PDR). Vehicle owners prefer PDR to traditional dent repair. This is because it is an efficient and affordable alternative to traditional auto body repair. But how does PDR work?

A Quick Guide to Paintless Dent Repair: What is it?

In the past, vehicle repair specialists installed new stock pieces to replace dented portions, suctioned the dent(s) out, and re-applied a fresh coat of paint to cover up the repair. However, this traditional practice is no longer the optimal method for dent repair; instead, body shops tend to use PDR or Paintless Dent Removal.

Although PDR has been around for many years, it has only become the go-to solution for small dent repairs recently. This technique involves re-shaping the dents behind the damaged area to avoid leaving any traces of evidence before the dent. Unlike traditional body repair, PDR does not require paint or body fillers. The technicians determine the best way to access the dented area through a window opening or by removing the inner panels. After that, they can start working on the outer edge of the dent. This is by massaging the metal in its original position. The damaged portion of the vehicle gets smaller until it disappears. However, if an automobile has a dent with sharp edges or the indented metal is near the side of the panel, then the PDR won’t work well.

4 Paintless Dent Repair Benefits You Didn’t Know

Whether you want to save money and effort or just make an educated decision about vehicle repairs, there are several factors in why car owners choose Paintless Dent Repair over the classic auto body repair.

It maintains the value of the vehicle

Minor body damage to vehicles can drive down its value and put off potential buyers and dealers. Since PDR does not require a new coat application to cover up the repair that took place, its original strength and value remain.

It is an environmentally-friendly option

PDR does not only help you save time and money, but it can also protect the environment. If you decide to get your vehicle fixed with Paintless Dent Repair, you never have to use toxic materials and solvents. The process does not require paint thinners and paint removers. It avoids toxins being released during the repair and ensures that there is less paint created in the first place.

It is cost-effective

PDR takes lesser time than traditional vehicle repairs, so labor costs are considerably lower. Moreover, you can also disregard the cost of materials such as primer filler and auto paint. This can help cut down on cost. It is essential to keep in mind that the price may vary depending on the dent location and depth of the damage.  

Insurance companies cover the cost of work

Another advantage of Paintless Dent Removal is that insurance companies often cover the cost of the work. This is due to its affordability. If you are not sure about the process of filing an insurance claim, talk to the experts from an auto body repair shop since they often work with major insurance carriers.

The next time your vehicle gets a scratch or dent, remember that there is an economical alternative to traditional auto body repair. Paintless Dent Repair can save you time and money while maintaining the value of your vehicle. If scratches and dents are marring the aesthetic beauty of your car, check out Tip Top Auto Hail in Denver. Learn how our premium Paintless Dent Repair process can work for you. Call us at (303) 868-1270 for an initial assessment or fill out the form on our site for more information and pricing.

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How To File For An Auto Hail Damage Insurance Claim In Denver?

Did you know that it is hail season in Denver? Every April to September the Mile High City is at risk of hailstorms. It usually starts in springtime when strong updrafts from the Rocky Mountains move over the Front Range and collide with the warm air from the Eastern Plains. Hail forms when the updrafts are strong enough to carry water droplets well above the freezing level. If the updrafts can no longer support the weight of the ice, it eventually falls to the ground. The sizes of hailstones vary depending on the strength of the updrafts; the stronger the updraft, the larger the hail. Some hailstones are the size of quarters, while others get as big as golf balls. When the larger ones fall to the ground, it can cause catastrophic damage to structures and other types of personal property including houses and automobiles.

For the past several years, the destructive hailstorms of Denver have wreaked havoc on thousands of vehicles by shattering windshields and denting the car bodies. Although the costs of hail damage repair vary from one auto body shop to another, it generally does not come cheap. Fortunately, several auto hail damage insurance claim companies in Denver provide comprehensive hail insurance.

But, are all car owners qualified to file a claim to their car insurance provider?

When Does Car Insurance Companies Cover Hail Damage?

If vehicle owners have comprehensive car insurance, the insurance company covers damages from events that the insured have no control over. Some types of damages covered under comprehensive auto insurance include natural phenomenon, explosions, vandalism, falling objects, or acts of terrorism. For most cases of comprehensive claims, car owners pay a deductible between $50 and $2,000. That deductible covers all the damage to the vehicle from a single event, including broken glass and exterior dents. If a hailstorm damages your vehicle, contact your auto insurance provider immediately.

Step-by-Step Guide on Filing an Auto Hail Damage Insurance Claim

Hail damage presents a dilemma for both vehicle owners and insurance companies. The latter despise hailstorms since it can cause millions of dollars of damage across the city, and they have to settle all of it. But for an automobile owner, it is essential to file an insurance claim and cooperate with an insurance company. This is to get your vehicle repaired in a reasonable amount of time.

Here is a step-by-step guide on what you need to do before and after filing a hail damage claim:

Step 1: Inspect Your Vehicle for Damage

After the storm, it is necessary to check your vehicle and acquire both written and photographic proof of the damage since it is difficult to recover a claim if you discover the damage months after the occurrence of the hailstorm. If the only damage of your car is a small chip in the windshield, going through the process of filing a claim might not be worth it. Paying out of your pocket would be more reasonable than paying the deductible.

Step 2: Contact your Insurance Company

With the pieces of information you have gathered, you can now call your car insurance provider and update them about the status of your vehicle. It is essential to supply them with all the details about the situation. This is to avoid the gray areas to make the claim process more manageable.

Step 3: Wait for an Adjustor to Inspect your Vehicle

An insurance adjuster is a person who examines insurance claims to identify the severity of the damage and determine the company’s accountability. Schedule a time to meet with your adjuster or take time off from work, so you are present when the adjuster assesses the hail damage. Moreover, it is essential to ask the right questions about the process and deductible to give you an idea on the expenses.

Step 4: Check Shops for Quotes

The insurance company is responsible for some part of the hail damage. That’s why you should consider hiring a shop which has your best interest in mind. If the deductible is your issue, look for insurance companies that work with you on out-of-pocket expenses.

Step 5: Get Your Vehicle to its Original Factory Condition

Waiting to repair your vehicle can do more harm than good. If you ignore the dents and dings on the body exterior, it may rust and spread and cause more problems.

When hailstorms happen, hundreds to thousands of damage claims may pile up in insurance companies. Being at the top of the claims list can help you recover damage costs promptly. Your insurance company will assess the damage and provide you an estimate of their liability. Meanwhile, you are responsible for searching for an auto repair shop and asking about costs. Once the estimate satisfies you, it is your responsibility to pay for the deductible so that the specialist can repair your vehicle.

Hailstorms are unpredictable. So, it is best safe than sorry when it comes to insurance. Here at Tip Top Auto Hail, we can help you find out how to get your vehicle protected from the costs of hail damage with the right kind of hail damage insurance claim from a company that knows what you deserve. Connect with us by calling (303) 868-1270.

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What is the Best Auto Dent Repair Provider in Greater Denver Area?

Although the Mile High City sparkles during winter, the city gets topsy-turvy spring weather that includes rain and hail storms. Unexpected incidents of hail storms are a problem in many places. This is especially in cities like Denver, where the weather can turn quickly without warning. Hail can cause severe damage to property, including homes and vehicles parked in spots without cover. Vehicle owners in these places can spend thousands of dollars on repairing car hail damage after a storm. With the help of a reputable car dent repair shop, you can get your car repair to its original pre-storm condition. So, which is the best auto dent repair provider in the Greater Denver Area?

Car Dents: Damage Control

Before looking for practical solutions that could solve your dent dilemmas, it would also be beneficial for you to know things that could make the situation worse. Cold temperatures during the winter season, for one, can profoundly worsen car dents when the metal contracts. Not getting your vehicle fixed right away in this weather can even lead to further damage.

On the other hand, bringing your car to a reliable dent repair center would be the best way to go under these circumstances. During the winter, repairing the dent on your vehicle’s surface would require extra care given the circumstances. The metal dents or plastic parts would need warming up before the affected area is actually addressed. Moreover, repairs done in below-freezing temperatures would only damage the paint on your vehicle. This also could possibly cause chips and cracks in the duration of the process.

What’s more, is that these uncorrected creases or cuts can rust in cold and wet weather. The salt used to melt the snow along the roads can also worsen existing damage. Still, working with your trusted expert team would do the trick with no hassle at all.

Take Care of Your Car with the Best Auto Dent Repair Provider in Greater Denver Area

Your car may be damaged already, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you would have to leave it be or lead it to a worse state.

Here’s what the best auto dent repair provider in the Greater Denver Area can do for you:

  • Professional method done by the professionals.

Did you know that you can opt for a paintless dent repair job? It’s possible, yes, but only if you know where you can avail the service. Tip Top Auto Hail has a team of experienced experts who can give your car the care that you never knew it needs.

  • User-friendly procedure.

You don’t have to worry about your four-wheeled buddy. Tip Top Auto Hail doesn’t use harsh chemicals as it can only cause further damage to your vehicle.

  • Aesthetic preservation is a priority.

Drilling holes is not in our dictionary. There are other ways to access the dent on your vehicle. That is what we do here at Tip Top Auto Hail. With this method at hand, you can expect your car to return to its factory-like condition despite the damage that it has seen.

At the end of the day, prevention is still the best way to keep your car in good shape and free from dents or more significant damage. Do not leave dents and dings unaddressed because they can get worse as time passes by, and fixing them can get more expensive.

If you don’t have the time, energy, or expertise, make sure to find the best auto hail service provider for your vehicle. Tip Top Auto Hail is a leading car dent repair provider that has been delivering high-quality automotive hail repair for decades. We can assist you in looking for the best way to protect your vehicle from winter damage and even connect you with insurance. To get a free initial assessment, connect with us by calling (303) 868-1270.

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How You Can Restore your Car with the Best Auto Hail Repair Services in Colorado Springs?

Colorado Springs garnered the second highest number of hail damage reports in the United States from 2013-2015 with a total of 182,591 claims. More recently, in August 2018, a storm hammered southwest Colorado Springs and Fountain. Then, gigantic hailstones caused approximately $172.8 million worth of damage to houses and vehicles.

An insurance trade group revealed that the hailstorm a year ago ranked second highest on record for the Colorado Springs area. As part of the so-called Hail Alley, different forms of precipitation frequently visit Colorado’s Front Range. Locals might already be used to it, but the damage that results from hailstorms can still be unimaginable. That’s why Colorado Springs makes such an appropriate home for a great hail damage repair shop to help repair all that vehicle damage. Vehicle owners can get their car back in shape with the best auto hail repair services in Colorado Springs.

How to Recover from a Damaging Hailstorm?

We can do many things in preparation for hailstorms, of course. Signing up for a good insurance plan and taking extra measures for your property are both important. However, the extent of the damage that a particular storm can do is not guaranteed, and we may not know how to handle it when it comes. So, it is a good idea to partner with an auto hail repair shop that will prove useful.

If hail happened to strike your home, wait until it is finally safe to go outside, and then check to see whether the roof of your house is severely damaged. Inspect your gutters and shingles and ensure that there are no cracks or dents that might bring further risks. Rain, wind, and snow can wear when hail spots are left unattended. If the damage is particularly severe, you will have to find a specialist to help.

Likewise, an unprotected car is also susceptible to dents and other damage. Though dings and dents on vehicles hardly ever affect performance, it is still better to have an expert assess your car regarding the severity of the damage.

Disregarding it might be your best option if you do not have comprehensive coverage on your car policy since repair services could be costly. Hail damage can also affect resale value in the future, though.

On the other hand, having comprehensive auto coverage means that your insurer can cover your repair fees. After that, you can head to your trusted paintless auto hail repair shop where they can restore your vehicle to its original factory condition quickly with little to no paint required.

Choose the Best Auto Hail Repair Services Provider near You

You don’t want to drive any further than necessary to get your vehicle body fixed.                                                                

  • Quality Service

Do not settle for any less than Tip Top quality before handing over your car keys.

  • Trusted Community

You can learn from local organizations and web reviews whether the shop is trusted. Also, if thousands of insurance claims trace back to the hub, then you know that you can rely on it, too.

  • Experienced Team

With our years of expertise in the industry, we might well be the standard for top-notch quality and service.

Put all those three together, and Tip Top Auto Hail Repair is what you get. Storms pass, and hail damage can too if you are in the right hands. Experience Tip Top results from Tip Top Specialists. Start by checking out our website or dropping us a call at (303) 868-1270.  

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How to Find a Reputable Hail Dent Removal Service Provider in Colorado Springs?

It’s about that time of year again: Soon, the rain and hail will appear in and around Colorado Springs. The real news there is the hail, of course. Most years, hail wreaks havoc on rooftops and vehicles. Hail can take a severe toll on the exterior of automobiles. Thus, costing owners a massive lump of money for repair. The surge in dented vehicle incidents caused by hail storms has paved the way for several car repair shops. This leads to develop groundbreaking technologies that will restore the original factory condition of vehicles. Vehicle owners seek a reputable Hail Dent Removal service provider in Colorado Springs that will effectively remove unwanted dings and dents while maintaining the resale value of their vehicle.

Colorado gets a lot of hail storms due to the collision of cold air from Canada and warm air from the Gulf of Mexico. A hail storm is a natural phenomenon that forms during thunderstorms when updrafts, rising currents of air, carry raindrops into the atmosphere where they freeze. The hailstones then become so heavy that the updrafts can no longer lift them, and it falls back to the Earth. The size of the hailstones may range from pea-sized to the size of a cricket-ball depending on the strength and scope of the updrafts.

Recommended Auto Hail Repair Shop in the Neighborhood of Colorado

A vehicle that has endured a hail storm can have exterior damage that negatively impacts its resale value and appearance. Hail damage to cars often includes shattered windows and dented hoods and roofs. It’s no wonder that hail dent removal has become such an in-demand business for vehicle owners on the Front Range.

Restoration of a hail damaged vehicle can be an expensive hassle. Because restoration could be expensive and stressful, a comprehensive insurance policy is a great idea. It can save you money and connect you with a reputable Hail Dent Removal service provider.

No one wants to see their vehicles full of exterior dings and dents, so it’s important to find a dent removal service that’s affordable and reputable.

Why Choose Tip Top Auto Hail for Dent Removal Services?

  • Dent Repair for the Best Price

Significant hail damage can mean expensive removal. Fortunately, the advancement of technology allows for affordable hail dent removal.

  • Smooth Restoration

Minor door dings or creases can lead to further damage in the long run. With the assistance of experienced car specialists, you can be sure to get the quality services that you deserve without putting the value and condition of your vehicle on the line.

  • Top-notch Services

Expect exceptional service from expert technicians. Our technicians receive top notch training that ensures quality assistance and maintenance. Moreover, our years of expertise in the industry allow us to restore and repair vehicles easily.

  • Delivers Detailed Analysis

The process of removing dents requires expertise. Cutting edge technology helps us to assess the impact of dent repair processes before we begin so we can help you make the best decision for your car.

  • Rapid Repair

With Tip Top Auto Hail’s innovative equipment and technology, our highly trained technicians can repair damaged vehicles without putting holes on the exterior of your car.

There is no need to feel upset when a hail storm dents your car. Your one-stop auto repair shop in Colorado Springs is here to help! Sit back and relax because Tip top Auto Hail is the answer for your hail dent removal needs. Extensive experience in removing hail damage from vehicles over the past years has given us the ability to streamline the Auto Hail Dent Removal process. Call our experts today at (303) 868 – 1270 and learn more about our top-of-the-line services.

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Looking for the Best Auto Hail Repair Shop in Denver?

A hailstorm, by definition, is a storm of heavy hail. It consists of thousands and thousands of balls of ice that rain from above. It may just come out of nowhere without notice. Every drop of these hailstones can be extremely damaging, especially to our automobiles. We can expect dents, scratches, and cracks our vehicles when we get stuck in an unforgiving hailstorm. Since this natural phenomenon has become a common occurrence on the city of Denver, citizens are now finding ways to remedy the subsequent effects. Thus, auto hail and dent repairs have now become a common demand for vehicle owners in the city.

You Wouldn’t Just Let Your Vehicle Look Damaged, Right?

As mentioned, hailstorms can be a problem for vehicle owners caught in the middle of them. The after effects of this natural phenomenon can range from a simple small dent to devastating vehicular damage. If you do get hit by a storm, you would not want to drive around with a damaged, banged-up vehicle, right? It is in our best interest to take care of our precious vehicles’ appearance and well-being. How we take care of our cars can say a lot to other people around us. If others see you pulling up in a beaten-up car, of course, they might think you do not care about your vehicle. After all, we did not buy our cars cheap. That is why we should always do our very best to keep it in top condition, inside and out.

Make Your Vehicle Look Brand New Again With the Help of Tip Top Auto Hail

Taking good care of our vehicles can be pretty expensive. Seeing that no one can fully predict when or where a natural weather phenomenon can hit, it is indeed unavoidable that you will spend a lot if you do care about your vehicle. That is why you must always look for cost-effective, efficient, and quality services. If you are in or near Denver, we have what you are looking for. Here are some of the services we offer to make your vehicle look as good as its original factory condition:

Auto Hail Repair

Nowadays, there are now a lot of innovative and unconventional ways auto repair companies use to repair car damage. At Tip Top Auto Hail, we have dedicated years of practice to servicing your vehicles. Using cutting-edge techniques and conventional ones, our experts will not stop until you are satisfied.

Paintless Dent Repair

Whether it is your fault or not, it is inevitable for our cars to become dented. It does not matter how careful you are; other people and events can ultimately damage your car’s exterior. Paintless dent repair is a quick and economical solution to your repairing your car’s exterior flaws by restoring your vehicle’s original aesthetic condition.

Free Car Rental

If you bring your car to us for repair but still have somewhere else to go, you may rent a car from us for free! While we restore your vehicle to its best condition, we are more than willing to lend you a helping hand to get to your desired location. But, of course, you must return the rental car in the same condition you borrowed it in as soon as you are done.

Insurance Claims

Your car insurance coverage is there for a reason. When there is damage to your car, caused by hailstorms or not, it is in your best idea to know the different options for filing claims to your insurance company. Tip Top Auto Hail knows how this issue can be a drag, but still, dealing with your car insurance will be handled with the utmost care. Any decision made regarding your coverage is undoubtedly a big deal, which is why we are here and more than happy to help you with it.

Take good care of your vehicles and keep them looking sharp and slick just as how it should be. Seeing a well-maintained car can make you feel good in some ways and without a doubt will be a pleasure to drive. Here at Tip Top Auto Hail, we completely assure you that the dents and damages on your car will be handled with utmost care by our experts. With our services like auto hail and dent repairs, the after-effects of a hailstorm will surely feel like they were not even there. You can check out our website or contact us at (303) 868-1270 to learn more about our services.

dent repair, Denver

How Important Are Dent Repair Services in the Greater Denver Area?

Vehicles are expensive. We have shed blood, sweat, and tears so that we can afford them. It is everyone’s dream to have a vehicle of their own one day. That is why when we finally own one, we do our best to take care of it and keep it well maintained. However, no matter how careful we are, we cannot control everything. The time will inevitably come where our vehicles get damaged. Whether it be because of somebody else’s carelessness, an unfortunate accident, or an unavoidable natural weather phenomenon, we cannot foresee the damage that will occur to dent your car. That is why dent repair services have been highly sought out by car owners in places like Denver where storms often occur.

Hailstorms: Getting Caught in the Middle Means a Dented Vehicle

Hailstorms are an example of these natural weather occurrences that can be extremely problematic for us and our vehicles. Because we cannot fully predict when or where it will occur, getting caught in the middle of one is inevitable. It may just be a matter of time, and we cannot do anything about it but endure. The after effects of a hailstorm can range from small scratches to multiple dents that can make your car look like a total mess. Seeing your precious, hard-earned dream car with a lot of exterior damages can be painful. Whether or not you are a car enthusiast, it is in your best interest to keep the cars that you drive every day in public looking as good as new. A well-maintained car can uplift us, while a dented car can provide us with grief.

Tip Top Auto Hail Will Make the Dents Go Away

If you live in Denver or the surrounding area, hailstorms are common. That causes a lot of damaged and dented vehicles which is why dent repair shops and services are in demand. Tip Top Auto Hail is in the heart of Denver. We have perfected the techniques needed to make the dents on your car disappear as if they were never there. Affordable prices and quality of work are our priorities. Here are the steps our experts use for dent repair:

  • Assess the damage to evaluate what needs to be done

Like any other procedure, evaluating the problem and figuring out the things that should be done to fix it will always be the first step. Our expert technicians will take an intensive look at the damage to your car, the size of the dents, and much more. Then they will take the necessary steps to restore your vehicle to make it look brand new.

  • Make a Path to Reach the Dent

Technicians usually need to access the back side of the dent to remove it. This means removing parts of your car, such as the tail lights and some body panels. In the worst cases, some interior panels might need to be removed as well. This process should be handled carefully, as a misstep can lead to more damage to the already banged up car. We have years of experience with this process, so you can trust us to handle it with utmost precision.

  • Take a Precise Look at the Dents

We use advanced equipment for a closer inspection of the dents your car has. By doing so, various points of view will be seen, and we’ll discuss the best approach to tackle the problem. With our specialized tools, our technicians will be able to work on the damage more precisely. They will apply calculated pressure to the back of the exterior to restore the damaged parts to their original form.

Seeing multiple dents on your car can be a depressing sight. You can count on us, Tip Top Auto Hail, the best auto hail repair shop in Denver, for dent repair services that will keep your vehicles in the best shape. If you need your car fixed and dents removed, you know where to go. To learn more about us, you can check out our site or contact us at (303) 868-1270.

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Tip Top Auto Hail: Your Go-To Auto Hail Repair Shop in Cherry Creek

Storms come from the converging of unstable air, heat, and moisture in the atmosphere. They can come in different forms like gusty winds, heavy rains, and hailstorms. A hailstorm is one of the most damaging types of storm, with hailstones falling from the sky, often accompanied by heavy winds. Hail sizes range from pea-sized to golf ball sized— and sometimes they’re even bigger! Due to its high elevation and topography, the Denver area often experiences hailstorms. And, of course,  people in Denver and its surrounding areas like Cherry Creek, Colorado get aggravated by hailstorms because of the damage they do to cars, houses, and even people. Hail can put holes in cars, shatter windows, and tear up roofing. Car owners pay a hefty amount to deal with the damage hail causes their vehicles.

Tip Top Auto Hail Repair in Denver offers an innovative way for you to repair hail damage to your car.

Why choose Tip Top Auto Hail?

1. Simplicity

Dents and dings are repaired by drilling holes in the dents, then filling and repainting them. At Tip Top Auto Hail Repair, we don’t drill holes in your car or even repaint it. Using Paintless Dent Repair ensures a faster fix with minimal effort— but with a quality outcome. A team of specialists gradually flex the dent to make sure that it vanishes as if nothing happened.

2. Save Time

We serve quality service in less time than traditional hail repair. The Paintless Dent Repair ensures no painting and filling, so It will only take a day or two to fully repair your vehicle after we assess the damage.

3. Save Money

We at Tip Top Auto Hail offer quality service at an affordable price. If your car can be restored to its original condition without drilling and painting, we can do it. It’s inexpensive enough that it’s often cheaper than customers’ insurance deductibles.

4. Precise Workmanship

With 20 years of experience, we get the job done right the first time.

5. Accessibility

Tip Top Auto Hail Repair is easy to find in South Denver, and we work with most insurance companies. We also offer free car rental and shuttle services. We know how nerve-racking it is to feel stuck when your car is in the shop, so we compensate by making sure you have transportation while you wait to get your vehicle back.

Save yourself from expensive repairs by calling our technicians at (303) 868-1270.

man repairing a car

A Reliable Auto Hail Repair Shop near Denver Technological Center

Cover your cars, a storm is brewing! The Denver Technological Center (DTC) area gets a lot of rain and LOTS of hailstorms. You have seen what a pebble can do when someone throws it to a window. How about marble-sized ice? Hail comes in different sizes, sometimes as big as golf balls. And it falls a lot farther than from across the street. This natural phenomenon is often encountered by people living and working near the Denver Tech Center in south Denver, Colorado.

A hailstorm could ruin your car, dimpling the roof and hood or even shattering the windows. The next thing you know, your awesome car is now just A CAR with unappealing dimples and holes. It’s a good thing that there is an auto repair shop that repairs hail damage near Denver Tech.

Tiptop Auto Hail Repair Shop provides makes sure your car is Denver-Tech-ready. With top of the line services and expertise, rest assured that those dents won’t be a problem for long.

Hail in the Hole! Cover Me!

Hail storms often put holes in your wallet as well as your roof. Tiptop Auto Hail Repair offers you great service with even greater deals.

Removing dents by slowly stripping off paint and pushing the dents and dings inside out was once the mainstream in car repair.

Introducing PDR: This is an innovative way to restore the beauty of your vehicle without the hassle of repainting and drilling. PDR, or Paintless Dent Repair, is a careful strategy in which the dents of your car are slowly and gradually flexed without the need for repainting the dings. Tiptop Auto Hail Repair works on repairing your vehicle with minimal stress on the car.

Is it Pointless or Paintless?

“This is pointless!” You say that to yourself when you see your car a wreck.  Why not say paintless? We at TipTop Auto Hail Repair provide you with a gentler outlook (when we save you on that old-school dent repair bill). Going paintless means repairing your vehicle as it is: Your car doesn’t have to be filled, grinded, repainted and sealed. Paintless Dent Repair offered by Auto Hail Repair is the most cost-effective hail repair you’ll ever find around the DTC.

Why Contact TipTop Auto Hail?

With 20 years of experience working on all kinds of vehicles, we make sure that you get the service you need at an affordable price. Our lead technician, Kyle Cavanaugh,  and his team of specialists offer you the best solution to dents and other hail damage. From banged up hoods to shattered windows, we at Tiptop Auto Hail Repair are confident that we can give the car you love all the care it needs. Get your vehicle in shape in one day by reaching us through our site or calling us at (303) 868-1270.

featured image of Tip Top Dent Repair is now Tip Top Auto Hail, Denver!

Tip Top Dent Repair is now Tip Top Auto Hail, Denver!

It is our utmost pleasure to inform you that Tip Top Dent Repair is now Tip Top Auto Hail, Denver! Known for being one of the best dent repair providers in Colorado, our company has been delivering upscale services to our beloved customers. Thus, the years of practicing the coalescence of advanced equipment and modern skills of our professionals have helped us acquire the trust of our loyal clients. Although our company’s pride already lies in its premium quality of service, we never stop aiming to improve our brand for customers’ delight and satisfaction.

The Best Auto Hail Repair Service

With a massive pool of restoration options, it can be quite overwhelming to choose what works best for you. That’s why here at Tip Top Auto Hail, we created a solution that has maximum benefits for the majority of car owners.

Paintless Dent Repair

Modern days require modern methods to deal with your car issues! With its advanced distinction with traditional dent repair, the paintless dent repair has been a top choice of vehicle owners who want to restore their cars the most cost-effective way. This method’s objective is to bring back the pristine condition of your car in an environmental-friendly manner. By availing this dent repair service, you can guarantee that the exterior of your car has no signs of acquired hail damage.

Why Choose Tip Top Auto Hail?

Entrusting your car issues to a reliable repair company ensures that your vehicle is in the excellent hands. Here at Tip Top Auto Hail, we aim to provide you with:

World-class Precision

Through the careful and arduous procedure, we guarantee that the number of your car dents is not guesswork. Your insurance adjuster gets the exact information with regards to how many dents there are. We pass through every single part of your vehicle to safeguard the observance and proper handling of each dent.

Clever and Polished Repair

Through the acquisition of professional skills, our technicians have created wonders with the dented cars as their canvas. These experts are proficient with the modern repair technologies. It is required to bring back the pristine condition of your car. Besides, they have mastered the proper utilization of advanced equipment to maximize its benefits. Having only the best tools in our shop, we can guarantee that your car gets back to you in its pre-storm condition. Overall, we ensure that our customers are satisfied with the quality of our restoration output.

Team Experience

We want what’s best for our clients; thus, we only hire the best auto hail repair experts to be a part of our world-class team. Through the meticulous skill search, we have acquired the most experienced dent removal techs that have developed their abilities by working for huge car manufacturers that repairs damaged vehicles.  By entrusting your dented car in Tip Top Auto Hail, you can guarantee that you have made the right choice.

Tip Top Dent Repair is now Tip Top Auto Hail, Denver! Keep in touch with us and let’s talk about the best way to deal with your car dents.